5 Tools for Building Landing Pages that Capture Inbound Leads

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Inbound marketing is all the rage—and for good reason. Not only do inbound channels such as content creation, social media outreach, and SEO cost less than traditional paid outbound, but they tend to generate leads who are already interested and engaged with your brand. However, inbound marketing only works if you have a way to capture these leads in your sales funnel. As an inbound marketing platform, we work with businesses to help them drive leads to landing pages, but building successful landing pages is part science and part art. These 5 tools merge the two, making your life easier, your business more profitable, and your funnel filled with warm leads.


The list is starting off strong with Unbounce. They have an extensive library of beautiful templates that are already designed to convert leads, whether your goal is classic lead generation, resource downloads, or product launches, and their templates include several industry-specific themes. All of their templates are responsive to work on virtually any platform and are fully customizable with drag and drop features. Unbounce also allows users to build out landing pages with variations, in order to A/B test and optimize. The best part is that Unbounce easily integrates with your existing marketing platforms, such as MailChimp and Salesforce.


While Launchrock’s completely responsive, easy to edit, and conversion-centric templates are perfect for any business, Launchrock is a startup entrepreneur’s dream come true. Their dedicated, hands-on team helps not only with landing page creation, but their marketing and analytics pros as well. Launchrock is tailored specifically for early customer acquisition, and they’re experts when it comes to pre-sale conversion, signups, and building buzz. The Launchrock platform is also optimized for social sharing and referral management, so you can capitalize on fast growth.


As the maven of inbound marketing, HubSpot offers a feature-rich platform for creating landing pages. HubSpot’s real-time personalization allows you to create variable content within your landing pages, automatically catering your page to each visitor based on location, industry, or lifecycle stage. By integrating with the rest of the HubSpot platform, as well as third-party solutions, you can manage content on your landing pages to sync with your blog, social, and email campaigns. You can also assign tasks to different members of your marketing team and create automatic workflows, so your landing page not only captures leads but nurtures them too.


For fast and easy landing page creation, check out Wishpond. Their templates are ready-to-go for any possible need, from email subscription signups to webinar registration pages to product launch pages, and simple to customize. Landing pages can be published to your website or Facebook page and are built to be responsive on any device, and lead data easily integrates with email marketing platforms. Best of all, Wishpond’s landing pages are SEO optimized.


Where beauty meets conversion, Lander offers a wide range of landing pages templates built by designers who know how much of a different colour, layout, and content can make between a product page, an event page, and a signup page. But Lander has just as many brains as beauty. A/B test virtually any component of the landing page, integrate with Google Analytics, Zapier, and Salesforce, track conversions with detailed analytics, and make the most of your leads’ sessions with upselling confirmation pages. Thankfully, even with all these features, Lander has built a platform that is easy to use, with drag and drop elements, one-click changes, and a friendly customer support team.

With the right landing page, all those warm leads you generate through inbound marketing channels (like Socedo!) will convert much faster into paying customers. Make sure to also check out these 3 signs your website is optimized for lead generation, and start filling your funnel!

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Written by Aseem Badshah

Aseem Badshah is a successful entrepreneur, marketing expert, and writer. He was a contributor to, where he focused on social media automation, digital marketing, and business growth strategies. is a platform that provides social media optimization, automation, and audience-targeting services for businesses. In this role, Aseem helped companies expand their online presence, increase potential clients, and improve sales performance.

Before joining Socedo, Aseem founded a digital marketing and social media strategy company called Uptown Treehouse. As the CEO, he was responsible for developing marketing strategies, establishing social media platforms, and offering diverse digital marketing services to clients.

Aseem holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. His unique insights into digital marketing, social media, and business development have made him a prominent figure in the field.