7 Examples of Small Business Tweets That Create Demand

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Did you know that “finding new customers” is the number one concern among small business owners, with 66% listing it as a priority?

We know how valuable social media lead generation can be for small businesses, but social media can still be a daunting place to try to cut through the noise. Creativity is key, and Small Business Week offers an opportunity to take a close look at different strategies. Here are some ways small businesses are capitalizing on #SBW2015 so far.

Twitter Marketing Strategy That Create Demand

Special Offer CTA

While not every Tweet needs a call-to-action, don’t miss an opportunity to generate demand when it makes sense. Caribbean Canines, a dog treat bakery from Austin, TX, included a crisp, clear offer and a link directly to their landing page.

Blast from the Past

There’s a reason why we all love #TBT (Throwback Thursday). Whether it’s a humorous reminder of an awkward haircut or a touch of nostalgia for your roots, reminding people about your past is a great way to humanize your brand. Posting a photo of their original founder during SBW makes PaulB Hardware feel like a staple of the Lititz, Pennsylvania community.

Retweet with Comment

It’s only been a month since Twitter launched its new “Retweet with Comment” feature, and marketers are still experimenting with how to make the most of it. One way is to provide additional context to your Tweets, as Kansas’ KC Curbside Glass did to inform their followers what Small Business Week was all about.


Two types of posts consistently have high views and engagement rates: numbers and images. Put the two together, and you have an infographic. This very simple one from Second Language Design in Brooklyn gets the job done beautifully.

Social Proof

Found Coffee, from Los Angeles, didn’t miss a chance during SBW to remind the Twitter world that it was named a “2015 Outstanding Small Business.” This added social proof heightens the brand’s reputation, and the timing of Small Business Week brings relevancy because people already talking about supporting small businesses.


Leave it to this St. Louis advertising agency to throw some humour into their Tweets, though it’s almost too easy to poke fun of big business during Small Business Week. Still, we get the Gist.

Related Topics on Twitter

Connected Campaigns

Social media is a great place to draw different aspects of your business together for wider exposure, whether it’s by bridging influencers from different sectors or connecting separate campaigns that your audience cares about. Just as your business fits into more than one community, so do your customers. Paper Co Café in Houston connected three different campaigns together in one Tweet.

They used Small Business Week to connect themselves to the #supportlocalhou campaign for shopping local in Houston. They also took it a step further with #SmallBizForce, a hashtag that many businesses played with this Monday—which, in addition to the first day of SBW, just so happened to be Star Wars Day May 4th, also known as #MayThe4thBeWithYou. Connecting these separate campaigns together brings a closer level of personalization for customers who care about both.

And of course, the United States House Committee on Small Business couldn’t be left out on the fun.

Remember, posting on social media, especially during a promotion like Small Business Week, is about much more than jumping on a hashtag; it’s about creating a relevant message for your audience. Check out our tips on using hashtags and how to use trending topics in your social strategy.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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