Andrew Tate Copypasta – The Absurdist Memeification of an Internet Celebrity

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The name Andrew Tate has become inextricably linked with absurd internet humor and memes, particularly on male-dominated forums like Reddit and 4chan. His unfiltered expressions of toxic masculinity make him a controversial figure, but also an endless well of comedic fodder for internet cultures built on irony and trolling. This article will dive deep into the meme-ification of Andrew Tate through copypastas – those bizarre blocks of text and imagery that get endlessly copied, morphed, and spread across social media. Grab some popcorn and let‘s explore this strange, but revealing intersection between internet humor and controversy.

Who is Andrew Tate and Why is He Such a Meme?

For those unfamiliar, Andrew Tate is a former kickboxer turned self-help guru who spews hyper-macho philosophies online. He first gained notoriety in 2016 when he appeared on the reality show Big Brother UK. Tate was removed from the show after a video surfaced showing him hitting a woman with a belt (he claimed it was consensual).

After Big Brother, Tate pivoted to building an online "university" for wanna-be hustlers, promoting it through his podcast and YouTube channel. He tells his predominantly young male followers that the path to wealth and fulfillment is amassing exotic cars and treating women like property.

Unsurprisingly, Tate‘s brazen misogyny has made him one of the internet‘s most divisive personalities. He was banned from every major social media platform in 2022 for violating hate speech policies.

But Tate‘s confrontational style has also resonated with certain online subcultures, like the meme-lords of 4chan and the "manosphere" on Reddit. They see Tate as a mascot for unfiltered masculinity and trolling mainstream sensibilities.

This perfect storm of controversy, notoriety, and extremely online fandom has birthed a treasure trove of memes and copypastas mythologizing Tate in exaggerated ways.

The Meme Life Cycle from Irony to Sincerity

Before we dive into examples, let‘s discuss the meme life cycle. Memes often originate as ironic jokes within niche online circles like 4chan or Reddit. But as they spread across mainstream social media, that layers of irony can get stripped away. Younger or newer users may interpret absurd memes literally until they become sincere expressions of belief or identity.

This meme cycle from irony to sincerity is crucial for understanding the controversy around Andrew Tate memes. Even the most hyperbolic Tate worship can still ultimately propagate his toxic philosophies, whether the original intent was satirical or not.

But memes also shouldn‘t be reduced to simplistic readings of sincere versus ironic. Ambiguity is inherent to internet culture. The context around memes evolves as they pass between different spaces and subcultures online.

Copypasta Examples – Absurdity Pushed to 11

The template for Andrew Tate copypastas follows a familiar pattern – take his grandiose bravado and dial it up to absurd extremes.

For example:

"If Andrew Tate has one fan, it‘s me. If Andrew Tate has no fans, I‘m dead."

"When I wake up, I say good morning to all 53 posters of Andrew Tate in my room."

"I was in a spelling bee and asked to spell Goat. I said A-N-D-R-E-W T-A-T-E. Confetti fell and I won $10 million!"

These copypastas frame Tate as a deity, cult leader, or mythic figure through laughably exaggerated descriptions. Let‘s break down some of the rhetorical techniques:

Hyperbolic Fandom

Describing Tate fandom in exaggerated terms – being his only fan left alive or greeting 53 Tate posters each morning. This pokes fun at the extremes of toxic masculinity by dialing it up to 11.

Non Sequiturs

Random, absurd scenarios like winning a spelling bee by spelling "Andrew Tate." Highlights how his persona infects unrelated contexts.


Casting Tate as god-like, all-powerful, the center of the universe. Ridicules the fanatic devotion to Tate by pushing it into farcical terrain.

Absurdist Humor

The foundation of all copypastas – exaggerated scenarios that are so bizarre and ridiculous they become funny. Building jokes on layers of absurdity.

This formula produces an endless stream of hyperbolic Andrew Tate worship ripe for copying and pasting. For example:

"Who is Andrew Tate? In math: my solution, in history: my king, in art: my muse, in science: my oxygen."

"If Andrew Tate thinks, I agree. If Andrew Tate speaks, I listen. If Andrew Tate orders, I obey."

"Andrew Tate is not the hero we wanted, but the hero we needed. The light shining through the dark. The man who always rises to the top! I will always support the Top G!"

Controversy – Critiques and Defenses of Tate Memes

Not everyone finds the mythologizing of Andrew Tate funny, given his association with misogyny. Critics argue that even over-the-top, ironic memes still ultimately amplify and glorify Tate. They claim absurd copypastas provide plausible deniability to uncritically promote his worldview.

But defenders argue memes shouldn‘t be reduced to simplistic readings of sincere versus satirical intent. They see Tate memes as a cultural conversation – allowing tensions around his controversy to get expressed through absurdist humor.

In this view, memes provide a pressure valve for the strong reactions Tate elicits across the internet. They also highlight the blurred boundaries between humor, irony, and extremism in online cultures.

But it‘s hard to control how memes get interpreted as they propagate. Younger users may take exaggerated copypastas at face value. So even if the intent was satirical, the effect can still be promotion and normalization of Tate‘s toxic philosophies.

Statistics – The Scale and Spread of Tate Memes

Let‘s look at some statistics that quantify Andrew Tate‘s meme dominance:

  • 490,000+ results on Reddit for "Andrew Tate meme"

  • 14.4 million views on a YouTube compilation of Andrew Tate memes

  • Between Jan 2021 – July 2022 "Andrew Tate" mentions on Reddit increased 19,750%

  • As of August 2022, googling Andrew Tate generated 207 million results

These metrics prove Tate‘s rabid meme-ification is far from a niche 4chan phenomenon. His presence has exploded across all platforms. Tate memes also commonly spread through Discord, Instagram, Facebook, and messaging apps.

Funnily enough, Tate has claimed he actively cultivated his own meme status, calling it "meme warfare." This reveals a common irony of virality – trying explicitly to manufacture memes almost never works. It has to arise organically through collective culture.

Psychology and Origins – Why Tate Memes Resonate

Finally, let‘s analyze why Andrew Tate memes have so thoroughly saturated internet culture:

Backlash Against "Wokeness"

Much of Tate‘s early support came from 4chan users who saw him as fighting back against political correctness and "wokeness." Memes let them troll these values through transgressive humor.

Parody of Toxic Masculinity

While supporting Tate, many fans also use memes to parody the absurdity of alpha male culture taken to extremes.

Mythologizing Through Humor

Comedy and exaggeration are used to mythologize Tate as a Chuck Norris-esque hypermasculine icon.

Underdog Narrative

Framing Tate as a rebel fighting the mainstream establishment. Underdog narratives naturally inspire meme creation.

Righteous Validation

For young menseeking purpose, Tate promises clear-cut rules for achieving wealth and happiness. This "righteous" worldview inspires devotion.

Bro Culture Escapism

Tate memes let certain communities escape through ironic, nihilistic humor creating their own absurdist worldview.

So in summary, Andrew Tate perfectly embodies many overlapping tensions of the current internet era – backlash against "wokeness", parodying extremes, righteous validation, and escapist bro culture humor. He‘s become both the symbol of these dynamics and their most absurd personification all at once.

The Future and Significance of Absurdist Memes

While the Tate meme explosion has been relatively recent, copypasta humor has deep roots across internet cultures. Absurdist jokes and exaggeration are core parts of how communities like 4chan create a shared culture and identity.

As mainstream social networks like Facebook and Instagram become more corporatized, absurdist meme culture acts as a form of grassroots creative expression. It also allows marginalized voices to satirize power structures and social bounds through humor.

But controversy arises when memes centered on one subculture spread more widely out of context. Not everyone perceives the layers of irony and meaning underneath absurdist jokes.

The mythologizing of Andrew Tate reveals how even the most exaggerated humor can impact real-world views, especially for younger, impressionable audiences. This likely won‘t be the internet‘s last experience of an absurdist meme going viral and blurring the lines between humor and harm.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.