Babo‘s Explicit Video Leaks and Breaks the Internet

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Yo! This is your boy Ramon coming at you with the inside scoop on Babo Cartel de Santa‘s wild video leak that took over Twitter last week. Trust me, I got the facts, the reactions and the fallout covered from all angles. Strap in – things are about to get crazy!

Last Tuesday, shots were fired on social media when clips of an explicit music video featuring reggaeton legend and squirrel-voiced Mexican rapper Babo started popping up on Twitter. The uncensored video was over 3 minutes of graphic adult content that Babo originally posted for paid subscribers on his OnlyFans account. But once snippets leaked to stan Twitter? You know theBabo stans couldn‘t resist wildin‘ out and stirring up drama.

Who‘s Babo Cartel de Santa Again?

For those living under a rock, let me break it down real quick. Babo Cartel de Santa has been a leading voice in Latin hip hop since the 90s – think Tupac levels of influence across the Spanish-speaking world. Dude‘s voice is instantly recognizable for hitting those super high-pitched squeals on tracks like "La Pelotona." He‘s controversial AF for rapping about violence and trafficking, but also has bangers with billions of streams.

Babo‘s real name is Eduardo Dávalos de Luna and he founded Cartel de Santa in Tijuana, Mexico before blowing up. His sound mixes dirty West Coast beats with manic Spanish flows and hardcore vibes. Total legend status across Latin America.

Babo Gets Rated XXX on OnlyFans

So here‘s how the leak went down – Babo decided to create an OnlyFans account last year and get his freak on for subscription $$ from fans. He was posting explicit videos, including one over 3 minutes long starring Babo with some adult actress friends that would make Snoop Dogg blush.

This sh*t was straight up pornography. But it was only supposed to be available for OnlyFans subscribers who pay! Next thing you know, someone ripped the video and it was spreading all over Twitter. The floodgates opened!

I scoped the reactions, and trust me, they were varied AF…

Fans and Haters Get Vocal on Twitterstreets

Once the Babo video started making the Twitter rounds, folks couldn‘t resist peeping the madness. It quickly shot to the top of Twitter‘s trending topics in Mexico as people posted reactions and memes.

Some of the responses were definitely NSFW, but here‘s a sample of how Twitter users responded:

"No pos WOW, el nuevo video de Babo está cabrón" – @ChavaOrtega72

"Yo viendo el video nuevo de Babo sin pagar OnlyFans" – @diablitamemes

_"Babo de Cartel de Santa ha evolucionado del hip hop al OnlyFans"- @criticadeltrap

Tons of people were cracking jokes about how graphic the video was, or making memes based on Babo‘s vocals and lyrics. Others were genuinely outraged that Babo went so far as to do porn. Let‘s just say opinions were mixed!

The DMCA Takedown Shuffle

Of course this wouldn‘t be a true social media scandal without legal drama. Babo‘s team immediately started issuing take-down notices to remove leaked clips of the video.

But you know how it goes – as soon as one clip gets removed, two more reappear like a hydra growing heads. Babo‘s lawyers are still playing an intense game of DMCA whack-a-mole as I write this!

Babo Sparks Debate on Hip Hop, Sex and Social Media

This video leak has definitely ignited some fiery debates around music, culture and the internet. Babo has always pushed boundaries with his hardcore hip hop sound. But even long term fans seem divided on him sharing graphic sex videos through OnlyFans and social media.

Some argue OnlyFans lets artists like Babo express their sexuality directly and profit from raunchy content. Others aren‘t feeling the way Babo‘s hyper-sexual lyrics translate to actual porn. Many also worry about minors potentially accessing an explicit video not meant for them.

There‘s also discussion around leaks fueling promotion – did Babo secretly want this to go viral leading up to new music? Or did the strategy backfire on his image? I suspect the attention and streams are exactly what Babo wanted. Controversy equals cash!

But beyond the music side, Babo‘s leak also touches on bigger issues around privacy, consent and society‘s relationship with porn. OnlyFans creators feel especially violated when people share content meant as paid exclusive access.

At the same time, viewing leaked adult material remains a legal and ethical gray area for the public. We‘re living in strange times, that‘s for sure!

Putting Babo‘s Video in Context

To understand how wild this is, let me give you some stats:

  • Babo‘s explicit OnlyFans video is over 3 minutes long – way beyond a wardrobe malfunction!

  • His music videos routinely get tens of millions of views on YouTube

  • Cartel de Santa has billions of combined streams and counting

  • There are 27.3 million Twitter users in Mexico alone

When an artist as massively popular as Babo in the Spanish-speaking world starts trending for porn, you know the reactions will be beyond heated. This is like if Eminem or Drake leaked their own tape!

What‘s Next in Babo‘s explicit saga?

While Babo hasn‘t directly addressed this leaked video yet, I suspect the attention only helps his bad boy brand and hype up new music. Mexico‘s youth aren‘t easily scandalized, and Babo‘s rabbid fanbase live for his madness.

Rumor is Cartel de Santa has a new album coming soon. Something tells me Babo has more boundary-pushing songs and videos ready to unleash! No other Spanish-language rappers operate at Babo‘s level when it comes to wild and sexual content.

I‘d also watch for other artists getting inspired to sell exclusive adult content directly to stans. The K-Pop world already has active OnlyFans creators, so I predict more pop stars hopping on the trend soon. Where there‘s demand for explicit celeb content, there will be money made!

But I doubt many artists can match Babo‘s zero effs given attitude. Dude is a veteran legend in the Latin trap game who lives and breathes hip hop insanity. This leaked video just proves once again that Babo Cartel de Santa simply cannot be tamed!

Let me know in the comments if you want me to dig into any other music industry scandals. I‘ve got the inside scoop on all the wildest moments that pop off online and behind the scenes! Until next time, stay real out there fam.


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