16 Inspiring Black YouTubers You Should Know in 2023

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YouTube has become a revolutionary platform for black creators in recent years. As content diversity and inclusion continues to expand, talented black YouTubers are paving the way for more representation and visibility while reshaping entertainment and social commentary.

The Rise of Black YouTube Stars

While YouTube as a whole has seen immense growth, black creators on the platform are profoundly influencing culture and conversations. Since entering the scene, their collective presence has steadily risen – in 2021 alone, watch time for top Black YouTube channels increased over 60%.

As these inspiring stars gain devoted audiences of millions, they leverage their voices to drive social change and create opportunities for the next generation of black creators.

The content spanning comedy, music, beauty, business, tech, and beyond illustrates the boundless creativity and knowledge black YouTube stars offer. In 2023 and beyond, emerging black creators will undoubtedly continue reshaping the platform‘s standards and culture for the better.

By the Numbers: Black YouTube Domination

  • 25 black creators have over 5 million subscribers
  • 8 black channels rank in YouTube‘s top 100
  • Collectively, top black creators average 98 million views per month
  • Watch time on Black YouTube grew by over 60% YoY (2020-2021)

Below we feature just 16 noteworthy rising stars that every brand and viewer should keep on their radar.

1. Alissa Ashley

This makeup maven has accumulated over 2.3 million subscribers in just 4 years through her beauty tutorials curated for darker skin tones. As one of the top black female creators in the space, Alissa Ashley provides an inclusive platform to showcase shades and products suitable for all.

She‘s also developed her own makeup lines with e.l.f Cosmetics and NYX specifically catering to WOC. Driven by her passion for diversity, she continues expanding her business while empowering others to feel beautiful and seen.

Fun Fact: Aside from sitting at nearly 3M YouTube subscribers, Alissa has over 1.6M dedicated Instagram followers.

2. Oneika Raymond

Oneika the Traveller is an award-winning content creator, best-selling author and journalist using her platform to promote diversity in travel. As a black female jet-setter and adventurer, her videos highlight unique destinations worldwide while commentary encourages inclusiveness across the industry.

With over 22K YouTube subscribers and having visited over 115 countries, Oneika sets the standard for travel creators. She provides actionable tips and itineraries for navigating both popular locales along with hidden gem locations that diverse viewers can appreciate.

2022 Highlight Reel: From hot air ballooning in Turkey to vineyard tours in South Africa, Oneika showed no signs of slowing down her global travels last year.

3. Makeup Shayla

MakeupShayla dove into YouTube to share beauty tips, product reviews and tutorials speaking to women of color. While making over 328 makeup videos to date, she‘s built an audience of over 4 million subscribers.

Shayla proudly represents black beauty creators while collaborating with brands like Fenty, Artist Couture, MAC Cosmetics and more to further inclusion for deeper skin tones. Aside from glam, she also discusses health, fitness, business, and self-improvement to motivate young fans.

Multi-Channel Maven: Across platforms, Shayla engages over 6 million followers through her YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

4. Massy Arias

From struggling with depression, unhealthy habits, and lack of self-worth in the past, Massy Arias transformed her life through fitness. She eventually became a certified trainer committed to motivating women mentally and physically.

While showcasing workout routines and post-pregnancy health on her YouTube channel, she reminds over 500K subscribers that progress takes patience and balance. Her authenticity, knowledge in training women of color, and bilingual videos set Massy apart as a rising Latina star.

Beyond YouTube, Massy hosts empowerment retreats and launched a fitness app to further support her community.

2022 Highlights: Dropping over 40 vlogs focusing on motherhood, overcoming adversity, healthy living and more.

5. Brandi Jackson

Brandi Jackson leverages her platform to motivate and discuss all aspects of life from mindfulness, to lifestyle, business and beyond. From candid Q&As to DIY natural skincare tutorials, Brandi keeps nearly 30K YouTube subscribers engaged.

Her weekly videos especially provide women of color tools for stress management, establishing boundaries and promoting their own self-care. As a certified health coach and serial entrepreneur, Brandi delivers value while leading intimate conversations around relevant issues.

Multi-Media Maven: From podcast and book launches to hosting intimate workshops, Brandi continues expanding her expertise across formats.

6. Erick Prince

Erick Prince documents his travels on his Prince Adventures YouTube channel, capturing cinematic views of different global destinations. His content spotlights beautiful locales highlighting their unique cultures, landscapes, cuisine and more to over 19K fans.

On his journey to be the first African American to travel to every country, Erick conveys social commentary addressing issues like discrimination and stereotypes he faces. His platform underscores why diversity in travel is vital.

Beyond vlogs, Erick shares useful tips, beautiful photography, and travel guides for those wanting to journey responsibly.

Travel Reel: Stunning footage and photography in locations spanning Egypt, Dubai, Turkey, Tanzania, Indonesia and more in 2022.

7. Jeff Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins takes viewers along to experience outdoor excursions and food tours as a proud plus-sized adventurer. His underwater diving and hiking videos spotlight that people of any size can stay active and enjoy nature.

While the outdoors and travel industry notoriously lack diverse representation, Jeff sets out to shake up norms. Alongside scenic vistas he captures, Jeff incorporates body positive and motivational messaging.

2022 Highlights: Launching his Chubby Diaries blog and earning sponsorships from tourism boards and brands determined to drive inclusion.

8. FitMenCook

Behind this health-focused brand, Kevin Curry empowers people to “eat better, live better.” He provides easy, affordable recipes along with nutrition tips and cooking tutorials to help viewers lose weight safely.

With no crash dieting or diet pills required, FitMenCook spotlights the importance of healthy, sustainable habits. Catering his advice to men who struggle cooking for themselves, Kevin makes proper balancing nutrition and fitness feel attainable.

By the Numbers: Over 1.7 million YouTube subscribers and 3.5 million Instagram followers consume FitMenCook‘s simple, life-changing recipes daily.

2022 Highlights: Releasing best-selling cookbooks and weight loss programs in partnership with Walmart.

9. Grandbaby Cakes

This celeb baker puts soul into every cake and sweet treat she crafts. Showcasing cooking tutorials, Jocelyn aka Grandbaby Cakes connects over 1 million subscribers to rich baking traditions.

From pound cakes and peach cobblers to signature rum cakes, her recipes intertwine African American culinary roots with innovative flavors. Beyond delectable-looking desserts, Grandbaby Cakes inspires viewers to explore cultures, pass traditions to new generations and master their own baking skills.

Fun Fact: Joss‘ culinary prowess has been spotlighted by Oprah, Food Network, Essence Magazine, Thrillist and more.

10. Stephan Speaks

Through his trademark blend of humor and wisdom, relationship coach Stephan Speaks doles out "stones of truth” to over 600K subscribers weekly. His dating advice empowers Christian singles to build confidence, set standards and attract sincere, Godly partners long-term.

Aside from his popular YouTube series, Stephan has authored impactful books including “He Who Finds A Wife” and “God Where Is My Boaz?” that provide successful relationship blueprints rooted in faith.

2022 Highlight Reel: Stephan released a new devotional book and hosted live events across major cities to continue guiding singles towards happy, healthy love.

11. DangMattSmith

When it comes to reaction-style content, few have perfected it quite like DangMattSmith. Currently boasting 14 million YouTube subscribers, Matt built popularity for his real, unfiltered commentary on the days trending music, entertainment and news stories.

With his bold comedic persona, Matt encourages fans to stay true to themselves. Alongside his typical reaction and challenge videos, Matt documents his life as a creator including heading meetups where thousands of fans show up.

Fun Fact: During YouTube‘s global fan fest 2022, Matt‘s long line of supporters stretched over a mile!

12. Serayah

Actress and singer-songwriter Serayah uses YouTube to share her vocal talent through soulful R&B tracks with almost 50K fans. While trailblazing her music career, she often collaborates with other black musicians reinforcing community support.

Having starred on hit Fox series Empire, Serayah carries her acting talents between music video storylines. As the next Beyoncé in the making, her vocal range, beauty and magical songwriting continuously captivates more listeners to follow her ascension.

Single Spotlight: Her 2022 emotional ballad release “Driving Me” stunned fans as Serayah continues harnessing her creative gifts.

13. TM Twins

TM Twins made up of vibrant teen siblings Tanee and Meniyah entertain a growing Gen-Z audience through an array of content. From challenges to college vlogs, dance tutorials, storytimes and sketches, these two bring engaging cultural commentary for their 179K YouTube subscribers.

The twins utilize their close sister bond and infectious energy across videos promoting self-love, chasing dreams and embracing change as young adults. Devoted fans look to TM Twins as aspirational examples while relying on their wisdom.

2022 Highlights: Virally dancing with celebs like Ne-Yo and performing with stars like Chloe and Halle Bailey.

14. Marques Brownlee

As one of the most influential tech reviewers creating 4 videos a week, MKBHD provides unrivaled analysis boasting over 17 million loyal viewers. His dedication to providing reliable tech knowledge helped earn his Shorty Award for Best Tech Expert.

While unraveling complex specs and features for cameras, smartphones, laptops and more, Marques maintains energetic and engaging productions. Alongside gear recommendations, he teaches audiences how to leverage technology to new heights.

2022 Highlights: Interviewing the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and showcasing Meta’s latest VR/AR initiatives.

15. Rich Black Guy

Committed to promoting financial literacy among communities of color, Rich Black Guy brings digestible money tips to YouTube alongside over 250K subscribers. He simplifies investing, budgeting, building generational wealth and securing your future through humor.

While money management seems daunting or exclusive, Rich Black Guy utilizes sketch comedy to relay the importance of saving and gaining financial knowledge. His content makes securing the bag entertaining for youth and adults alike.

Fun Fact: RBG has racked up over 9 million TikTok views discussing everything from stocks, side hustles and credit.

16. Cheryl Porter

Boasting over a whopping 9 million YouTube subscribers, world-renowned vocal coach Cheryl Porter shares her coveted techniques. Her training expertise comes from a foundation singing classical opera around the globe.

While Cheryl continues nurturing future stars and coaching Grammy winners, her free YouTube content helps pass on invaluable musical lessons. From warmups to advanced strengthening, fans gain access to her industry secrets ensuring vocal longevity across genres.

Cheryl‘s inspirational messaging reminds artists of all ages to keep chasing musical dreams.

Legacy: Her famed Cheryl Porter Method training program remains the gold standard for protecting artist voices.

The black creators above display the power that amplified, authentic voices bring to the YouTube ecosystem and culture at large. As more viewers discover these talents, black stars gain resources and motivation to uplift emerging voices.

For brands and marketers, partnering with relevant black creators allows you to tap into their unique perspectives and creativity while conveying shared values surrounding representation.

Remember, community support plays a crucial role in the continued rise of black YouTubers. So subscribe, engage with videos, and help share these amazing talents with others. Through consistent exposure and meaningful collaborations, brands can provide black creators invaluable platforms for long-term growth while they shape the future of entertainment.

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