34 Cat Influencers You Should Follow in 2023

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Cats are rapidly rising social media stars. Their natural photogenic charm and hilarious antics make them perfect for influencing audiences online. As more than half of cat owners follow pet influencers, this provides a massive market for brands seeking fresh sponsored content.

As a leading Pet Marketing Strategist, I‘ve witnessed this niche explode in popularity firsthand. In this definitive guide, I‘ll showcase 34 must-follow cat influencers to watch in 2023. Whether you love laughing at funny cat videos or find their cuteness irresistible, these influential felines will brighten your feed daily.

Why Follow Cat Influencers?

Before highlighting top catfluencers, let‘s overview why they‘ve captured audience attention:

  • Relatable Personalities: From curious kittens to grumpy senior cats, influencer pets exhibit amusing traits that human viewers identify with. Their drama and quirks feel familiar.

  • Joy & Laughter: Watching a fluffy cat roll off a couch never gets old. Their silly antics release feel-good endorphins that uplift people‘s moods.

  • Cuteness Overload: With tiny toes, fluffy fur, and squishy faces, even the most stoic person melts when scrolling through cat pics. It‘s our weakness.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Access: Getting glimpses into influencers‘ homes through an adorable pet lens satisfies viewers‘ voyeuristic curiosity.

  • A Respite from Reality: Following light-hearted pet accounts provides enjoyable escapism from stressful headlines. These kitties keep things unserious.

From brightening bad days to satisfying our inner cat lady, famous pet influencers enchant for multiple reasons. Next let‘s overview how cats have specifically risen into influencer fame.

The Rise of Cat Influencers

While dogs initially led the petfluencer pack, cat influencers are now dominating the space. According to Influencer Marketing Hub:

  • Cat influencers grew over 2x faster in 2020 than their canine counterparts.
  • The highest-paid pet influencer, Nala Cat, is a Siamese-tabby mix from Los Angeles.
  • 92% of cat owners believe their pet has a unique personality.

Additional factors fueling the catfluencer explosion include:

Breed Variety – Persians, Bengals, Scottish Folds, Sphinx – endless breeds display distinct features. Such visual diversity intrigues viewers scrolling Instagram.

Indoor Access – As primarily indoor pets, cats remain readily available to capture fun moments. Dogs travel outdoors more frequently, limiting photo opps.

Mysterious Nature – Cats can be affectionate one minute then aloof the next, intriguing followers. Dogs consistently shower owners with affection.

So whether it‘s their entertaining temperaments, creative coat patterns or quirky personalities that appeal most, cat influencers distinctly attract an engaged audience. Now let‘s highlight breakout stars leading the cattery.

1. Maple Cat (

  • 603K Instagram followers
  • Golden British Shorthair boy
  • Posts cute videos with his 3 kittens
  • Lives in Los Angeles

With his luscious golden coat and squishy British Shorthair face, Maple Cat attracts ample cuddles and Instagram followers alike. Hailing from Los Angeles, this photogenic feline shares silly behind-the-scenes moments with his family of fur balls. From ICMP Agriculture to Michelob Ultra, Maple Kitty collaborates with top brands too.

2. Mango Brown Bengal Kitty Cat (@justmangobrown)

  • 530K Instagram followers
  • Sadly passed away but old videos remain
  • Owner continues cat-focused activism

Although Mango sadly passed away, this Bengal beauty remains immortal on Insta. Boasting wild stripes and over 500k loyal followers, Mango‘s account shares previous adventures, promotions and supports cat-related causes. A timeless legacy.

3. Phillip The Cat (@philliptheorangecat)

  • 36.8K Instagram followers
  • Rescued orange cat posts cute pics
  • Lives in the United States

This recently adopted ginger boy spreads sunshine from ear to ear with his heartwarming Instagram. When he‘s not indulging catnip cravings, you can find Phillip modeling seasonal outfits, unboxing new toys or lounging photogenically. What a purrfect rags to riches tale!

4. Grumpy Kitzia (@grumpy_kitzia)

  • 115K Instagram followers
  • 7-year-old angry-looking US cat
  • Wild appearance but lovable personality

Despite her fierce features, this hissy missy is a sweetie pie at heart. When Kitzia‘s not rocking fierce lion cuts, you can catch this calico beauty chirping happily or snuggling with her family. Resting witch face never looked so adorable.

5. Catster Magazine (@catstermag)

  • 96.4K Instagram followers
  • Shares reader-submitted cat photos
  • Also features cat chef recipes

Feline fanatics flock to @CatsterMag for the latest in furry news, products and personalities. When they‘re not publishing cat dad interviews or adoption features, Catster shares @CatChefCourtney‘s tasty cat food recipes. Meowza! Use #catstercats to be featured.

6. Mozzy (@mozzythecat)

  • 27.2K Instagram followers
  • 7-year-old rescued Siberian boy
  • Lives in Los Angeles

This fluffy Siberian sweetheart brightens days in the City of Angels after being saved from a dumpster. When he‘s not living his best life with adoptive parents, you can catch Mozzy unboxing new toys as @VetPetBox‘s cutest brand rep. Talk about a glow up!

7. Rocky (@rockythefluffyfighter)

  • 10.3K Instagram followers
  • The Fluffy Fighter cat from the US
  • Friends with cat named Luigi

This feisty feline athlete goes the distance when it comes to clowning around with cat brother Luigi. When he‘s not wrestling or causing mischief @RockytheFluffyFighter plays lead guitarist in his epic kitty band. Stuff of Instagram legend!

8. Bean & Lily (@beautynthebean)

  • 226K Instagram followers
  • Orange cat Bean crushes on Lily

This beloved ginger goofball continues charming fans while endlessly pursuing his unrequited crush, Lily. When he‘s not being adorably friend-zoned, @BeautyntheBean models fancy bow ties, investigates cat trees and taste tests Temptation treats.

9. The Dark Lord (@the.dark_lord)

  • 212K Instagram followers
  • Creepy cat starred in horror videos

Beneath his ominous exterior, The Dark Lord‘s a curious scaredy cat whose disturbing features attracted a cult horror following. When he‘s not cameoing in creepy shorts, this magical Russian Blue practices harness training and birdwatching. Mew-ha-ha!

Why Make My Cat an Influencer?

Beyond bragging rights that your cat‘s Insta-famous, pet influencers can earn serious catnip. By creating social content starring your photogenic feline, you may:

  • Attract free products to review from pet brands
  • Get paid to feature sponsors in posts
  • Sell custom merch flaunting your cat‘s cute mug
  • Earn commissions promoting affiliate links
  • Build valuable expertise on engaging pet audiences

For pointers on creating kitty influencer content that pays, check out this guide to monetizing a pet influencer account. Major brands like Purina, Temptations and Chewy are seeking Instagram sponsorships with cats boasting as few as 1k engaged followers. So unleash your creative feline‘s inner star power!

Ready to Catapult Your Pet to Fame?

If your quirky cat‘s destined for internet stardom or you simply want to discover the funniest cat content for daily smiles, be sure to follow these famous 2020 catfluencers making major moves. From the picture purrfect @RockyTheFluffyFighter to majestic Maple Cat and her Squad goals kittens, hilarious and wholesome content awaits.

Remember to tag #catsoftheworld to share your cat content across the community too! By supporting fellow influencer pet parents, we strengthen bonds within the entire catmosphere. Happy scrolling!

Which famous cat were you most delighted discovering today? Let me know in the comments your favorite cat influencer account to follow for endless entertainment!

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