How to Get That Coveted Blue Check on Snapchat: The 2022 Guide for Regular Users

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So you want to get verified on Snapchat? I feel you. That prestigious blue badge can do so much for your account. As a fellow Snapchat power user, I‘m here to walk you through how to get it step-by-step.

I‘ll be real with you though – it‘s not easy. Snapchat keeps the process on the down low. But this insider guide will show you how to get their attention as an everyday user. Let‘s dive in!

What Even Is Snapchat Verification?

Snapchat verification is when your account gets a blue checkmark badge next to your username. This means Snapchat has confirmed you are the authentic person or brand you say you are.

It‘s a sign to other Snapchatters that you‘re legit and worthy of their follow. It‘s Snapchat‘s seal of approval.

Snapchat Verification Badge

For individuals, verification adds credibility and helps you stand out from impersonators or fan accounts.

For businesses and creators, it lends authority to help you reach more customers. Plus it unlocks features like getting featured on the Discover page.

All around, the blue badge gives your content a boost on Snapchat. So let‘s make it happen!

Why You Want to Get Verified on Snapchat

Here are some of the biggest benefits of earning a blue verification badge:

  • Protection from imposters – Verification makes it clear YOU are the real deal and others are impersonators. No more fake accounts piggybacking off your identity!

  • More visibility – Verified accounts get boosted in Snapchat recommendations. So you‘ll reach more new followers.

  • Premium features – Access exclusive tools only available to verified accounts, like custom locations and links in your profile.

  • Increased credibility – The checkmark makes people trust you more as an official source of info or content.

  • Higher engagement – Followers and viewers are more likely to engage with verified profiles. You‘ll see likes, comments, and shares increase.

  • Official branding – Reinforces your brand identity visually with a mark of authenticity. Especially helpful for businesses.

  • Discoverability – Snapchat promotes verified accounts across the app. So your content is more discoverable.

  • Flex appeal 💪– There‘s clout that comes with being verified. It‘s a flex and sign you‘ve "made it" on Snapchat!

So in summary, verification helps you stand out, reach more people, and look more legit to Snapchatters. Time to level up!

Snapchat‘s Requirements for Verification

Unlike other platforms, Snapchat doesn‘t publish checkboxes you need to get verified. It‘s a secret sauce. But based on those who‘ve earned it, we can infer some criteria:

1. A Large, Engaged Audience

This is the #1 requirement. Snapchat wants to see you have a big, passionate following tuning into your Snaps.

While the exact numbers aren‘t clear, you likely need at least 25,000+ followers with solid engagement levels. Think 50,000+ views on your Stories.

Your content also needs to resonate with Snapchat‘s core Gen Z audience. Are teens and young adults obsessed with your Snaps?

2. Fame or Influence Outside Snapchat

Snapchat tends to verify those who are already famous or influential external to the app. Celebrities, public figures, major brands – they get priority.

For regular users, you‘ll need to demonstrate substantial influence within Snapchat to be considered. A tall order but not impossible!

3. Authenticity and Good Standing

Snapchat wants to verify real organizations and people – not trolls or spammers. So you need:

  • Accurate profile info
  • A history of following community guidelines
  • No violations against their Terms of Service

Essentially, a clean track record helps. Don‘t try to cheat your way to verification!

4. Active Posting Habits

To get on Snapchat‘s radar, you need to post frequently and consistently. This shows you‘re committed to the platform.

  • Post daily Stories – Snapchat wants to see daily sharing to your followers.
  • Well-crafted Snaps – Not just anything slapped together! Share high-quality Snaps and Stories showcasing your best self.
  • Engage with followers – Reply to comments, participate in the community. Don‘t just broadcast one-way.

5. A Public Profile

Your profile must be public, allowing any Snapchatter to follow you. Private accounts almost never get verified.

Snapchat needs to monitor and review your content in the verification process. So no hiding!

6. Something Unique to Offer

Whether it‘s comedy, behind-the-scenes moments, shareable news, or just a fascinating life – you need a compelling angle.

Generic accounts rarely stand out enough to warrant verification. Show what makes YOU special!

The more of these boxes you can check, the better shot you have. Time to start strategizing!

How to Get Verified on Snapchat: Step-by-Step Instructions

Unfortunately, there‘s no official form or self-service way to request Snapchat verification. You have to get their attention. Here‘s how:

Step 1: Make Sure Your Profile is Verification-Worthy

First, give your profile a glow up to meet Snapchat‘s standards. Cross-reference the requirements we just talked about.

  • Grow your audience size through smart posting, ads, and influencer collaborations.
  • Show you‘re the real deal with authentic content and profile details.
  • Post engaging Stories daily, use interactive features, and engage with your followers.
  • Keep your account public and adhere to Snapchat‘s guidelines.
  • Play up your unique personality, brand, or perspective.

Put in the work to craft a stand-out Snapchat presence they‘ll want to verify!

Step 2: Contact Snapchat Support In-App

Once your account is primed for verification, it‘s time to make your case directly to Snapchat.

Open your Snapchat app and go to your Settings. Scroll down and tap Support, then Contact Us.

Select the option for your "issue not being listed" and fill out the submission form that pops up.

Step 3: Make Your Best Case for Verification

In your message, explain clearly why your account meets Snapchat‘s standards and deserves verification.

Some key points to include:

  • You have a sizable, engaged Snapchat audience with X followers and Y daily views. Provide numbers to quantify your reach.

  • Fake accounts are impersonating you or trying to access your account. Verification will help confirm you‘re legit.

  • You‘re worried about copycats stealing your original content or brand identity on Snapchat.

  • Your account offers an authentic perspective/personality and high-quality Snaps that resonate with Snapchat‘s young user base.

  • You post engaging content daily across Stories, Messages, Spotlight challenges, Lenses, etc. Demonstrate you‘re committed to Snapchat.

  • Mention any external proof points about your fame or legitimacy, like press features or Wikipedia page.

  • Attach images/screenshots to illustrate your popularity and success on Snapchat specifically.

The goal is convincing Snapchat you meet their secret sauce criteria for verification. Make them believe!

Step 4: Follow Up Persistently and Politely

Once you submit, the waiting game begins. Snapchat‘s team has to manually review all requests. It can take weeks or longer in some cases.

If you haven‘t heard back after 2-3 weeks, send a polite follow-up via in-app support. Don‘t spam them! But a nudge can help move things along.

And don‘t get discouraged if you don‘t get approved on the first try! Just use any denial as motivation to grow your account more for next time.

Step 5: Get That Blue Check!

If accepted, rejoice! You‘ll get an email from Snapchat confirming your verification.

And you‘ll see the prestigious blue verified badge auto-added next to your username on your profile. Welcome to the club!

Time to start flexing your new Snapchat clout and reaping those verification rewards. Stay consistent to keep it.

Pro Tips to Boost Your Chances

Here are some savvy tactics to fast-track your verification approval:

Leverage Snapchat Ads: Run some paid campaigns to expand your audience. Snapchat will notice your investment in the platform.

Partner with verified accounts: Getting co-signs and collabs from Snapchat celebs or brands can strengthen your case. Especially helpful early on to borrow their audience.

Promote your Snapcode: Add your custom Snapcode everywhere – website, packaging, events, etc. – to show your brand is serious about Snapchat.

Link other social profiles: Add your other social handles in your Snapchat profile to showcase your full brand footprint and legitimacy.

Post cutdown versions on TikTok: Share Snaps as multi-clip videos on TikTok (with watermarks) to grow your potential Snapchat audience.

Pitch exclusive content: Offer to produce unique Lenses, Filters, Spotlight challenges, or other content specifically for Snapchat. Open their eyes to what you can bring to the table!

Make connections at events: Attend Snapchat partner summits and creator events to rub elbows with Snapchat team members who hold verification power.

See what sticks. Getting even a slight edge can make all the difference in standing out from the pack.

Can You Get Verified on Snapchat Without Being Famous?

Short answer – yes, it‘s possible! But extremely hard.

Snapchat obviously prioritizes verifying celebrities, public figures, major brands, etc.

However, some non-famous creators have earned the blue check simply by gaining massive followings on Snapchat itself.

For example, fitness instructor Cassey Ho of Blogilates (@casseyho on Snapchat) managed to get verified through sheer Snapchat popularity.

Same goes for popular Snapchat artist BabyJake (@babyjake). He grew a huge organic following from his Illustration Stories.

But these are exceptions to the rule. As an average user, you can‘t count on verification going viral out of the blue.

Realistically, having existing fame or notoriety in the real world speeds up the process. But for us normals, we just have to grind harder on Snapchat alone.

The bar is high. But with persistence and creativity, you have a (long) shot!

What Gets You Unverified? Avoid These Pitfalls!

Snapchat can taketh away the blue checkmark as quickly as they giveth.

You can lose your verified status if Snapchat feels you no longer meet their standards. For example:

  • Dropping way down in followers/engagement
  • Sharing dangerous, illegal, or sketchy content
  • Buying fake followers or engagement
  • Violating community guidelines repeatedly
  • Impersonating or disparaging others
  • Selling/transferring your account

Essentially anything that damages your reputation or suggests you bought verification could cost you that coveted badge.

So once verified, be extra cautious to stay in Snapchat‘s good graces. No risky funny business!

How Snapchat Verification Compares to Other Platforms

Snapchat definitely keeps their verification process much more ambiguous compared to other social platforms. For example:

  • Instagram makes it easy to request verification right in your settings. Just click "Request Verification" and you can self-submit.

  • Twitter also has a self-service application for their famous "blue badge" verification. Though the requirements are strict.

  • YouTube basically verifies any channel once it hits 100k subscribers, as long as it follows their policies. It happens automatically.

  • Facebook doesn‘t have any public verification program or application process. Profiles just get quietly verified based on internal criteria.

  • TikTok offers two verification badges: a white check for standard verification and blue for bigger public figures. Submit requests via Pro Account dashboard.

  • Reddit offers verified flairs for celebrities who confirm their identity to moderators of specific subreddits. But no universal site-wide verification like other platforms.

Snapchat still keeps much of their process intentionally opaque. That makes it harder for average folks to get – but also more rewarding!

Final Words of Wisdom

Earning the coveted blue badge on Snapchat takes time, strategic effort, and patience. But the benefits make it so worth it.

As an everyday user, you might feel verification is out of reach. But by relentlessly growing your audience and improving your Snaps, you can catch Snapchat‘s eye.

Don‘t get discouraged! Even if denied at first, stick with it. Use the motivation to level up your account and content.

With persistence and creativity, you can eventually join the ranks of Snapchat‘s verified elite. Soon the blue check hype will be all yours. Stay hungry!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.