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How to Get More Views on YouTube

You made a video for your business and uploaded it to YouTube, but you are not getting as many views as you want. This must be a disturbing point for you. Because the sole purpose of uploading a video on YouTube is to increase brand awareness among the viewers and persuade them to interact with your brand. If the video is not getting the desired number of likes which means you are not successful in enhancing brand awareness among your target audiences.

Most companies create videos and upload them on YouTube. But your work doesn’t end after they are uploaded. In fact, we have to make sure that your videos get the maximum likes, comments, and shares in order to create awareness of your brand to the viewers.

If you desire to get a huge number of views, likes, shares and comments, make sure you include the following types of content, as such content is what’s mostly shared by general audiences today.

  • Interesting
  • Exorbitant
  • Humorous/Positive
  • Emotional
  • Cheerful
  • Trendy
  • Informative
  • Helpful
  • Idea
  • Motivating
  • Inspiring

After you finished producing this great engaging content, you have to follow these technical tips to get more YouTube views of your videos.

Selecting the Right Keywords

It is very important for you to search for the right industry related keywords. Keywords play a very important part in Google ranking so you need to concentrate on including the right keywords.

Use Google Adwords for this purpose. It is the best keyword tool by far.

To get a higher number of searches, you can choose to select low competition keywords as they get the maximum number of searches.

Accurate Video File Name

You need to provide an accurate name for your video file. The name should precisely describe what the viewers want to know about, and watch. Also, remember to add your selected keywords in the video title.

Placing keywords in the video title is really important as this would make it easier for your viewers to find your video on the YouTube search bar.

For Google display, make sure your video file name is under 66 characters.

Appealing Video Title

Keeping in mind the things I told you above; also try to make a very attractive and catchy video title that can grab the users’ attention.

I am saying so because when viewers watch videos on YouTube, they have plenty of choices. They can easily switch to other videos and if they don’t find anything in a video that appeals them, they’re history.

So, you want to try your best not to get included among the group of videos that are closed by viewers before they hear your complete message.

Thorough Video Description

A thorough video description gives you the opportunity to educate, inform, and persuade your viewers about your brand.

YouTube gives you an 800 word limit description. You can write all the good things about your brand in these 800 words. Make it very clear, targeted and attractive for the users.

You can actually influence people to interact with your brand by writing up a very appealing video description that gives the viewers all necessary details regarding your brand. You can highlight the product/service benefits, product ideology, brand meaning and essence, uses and features in order to persuade viewers about interacting with your brand.

Use the Best Tags

Tagging makes it easier for your viewers to locate your video. Tagging videos is recommended for the reason that search engines make use of tags for the organic search positioning.

Use very specific tags for your video (the tags that are used and recognized in your industry).

You can use 10 tags for the video which need to be kept under 120 characters.

Remember to place your keywords in the video tags. Using tags is really important as the keywords and topics make it possible for the video to become more visible to searchers which eventually increases the video’s reach.

Using Annotations

Annotations basically help get your videos more views by making them engaging and compelling, so the viewers watch the video till the end. To get more views on YouTube, you can link the video with another video in a series or link to a blog or the website.

Annotations are used as a call to action for the videos. They encourage viewers to sign up, get a free trial, etc. It depends upon you how well you use annotations to increase video views.

Make use of annotation that encourages people to subscribe to your video, or even ask people to subscribe through email.

This pretty much wraps up the technical tweaking you can do to get more YouTube hits. Now we will see what we can do about boosting “shares” to get more the maximum views, likes, and comments.

Sharing Videos

After completing all the technical steps for your video, you can now focus on how to get people to share it. Here are some tips:

  • Share it with as many people as you can
  • Write a blog on the video, embed its link in the blog, and post it on your social media accounts
  • Post the video on the social media accounts (Face book, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Email the new video to your existing clients/customers
  • Ask your viewers to drop their feedback on the video (make them believe that you really care that their feedback and it is highly valued)
  • Reply to the video comments
  • Try to make a complete playlist of all the videos, as it will enable viewers to watch all your videos
  • Don’t upload a video and then disappear! Keep updating your YouTube video channel
  • Ask the viewers to share the video if they find it helpful
  • Give the video links to your LinkedIn contacts and ask for their feedback


Your work doesn’t stop after you produce a video for your business. You need to get more views, likes, and comments so that more viewers find out about it and watch. You really need to create video buzz among the audience.

People are more likely to share the content that is humorous, viral, inspirational, informative, motivational, and emotional.

Follow all the steps and approaches mentioned above to produce the best video content.

Once completed, follow the technical directions for publishing on YouTube to increase the video viewership. Work on the sharing part, it’s especially important. Send and embed it on as many online platforms and channels as you can in order to get more YouTube views.

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