How to Get More Views on YouTube


You have everything set but your YouTube channel might not be getting the number of views you would like. Again, we are here to help! Here, we’ll go over how to get more views on YouTube.

We have presented you with how to start with YouTube, how to optimize it, and how to use the best tricks for your channel. So, now you have everything set but your channel might not be getting the number of views you would like. Again, we are here to help! In this post, you will learn how to get people to watch your videos, and how to make that watching time longer.

Everyone starts their YouTube channels at the same spot – with zero followers. (Well, there are exceptions, for example, if you buy a channel.) After that there goes a lot of testing, implementing strategies, failing, and losing your nerves. Maybe it’s fair to say that only the most persistent people will succeed in the end.

First of all, you will learn that you want people to watch your videos through the end. Why? Well, because of YouTube’s algorithms. If a person clicks on your video and doesn’t watch it until the end, YouTube will recognize that as a bad viewer encounter and will eventually stop showing your video in suggested results. The other reason why you want them to watch whole videos is that they receive message you are submitting.

So, let’s se how to improve that.



Have you ever searched something on YouTube and had this concerned feeling if that is the right video? The one you need? Well, to be “on the other side” means letting viewers know that they have come to the right place. In the first few seconds, you need to let them know that you can solve their problem and/or answer their questions. Because these few seconds is all you’ve got.

If you want to accomplish instant engagement of your viewers, you need to put keywords that answer their questions at the very first part of your video. Let’s take an example: If your video is about learning a dog basic commands, your first sentence will not be “Hey, how are you?” It will be something like “Are you looking for an easy and proven way to teach your dog basic commands? In this video, you will learn that…”

Using the phrase that is consisted of the right keywords is important because YouTube will try to recognize what your video is about. If you give it the best “description” you can, your content will be shown in front of the right people. And don’t forget the Google search, as well.



After your opening line, the next thing you’ll want to tell viewers is who you are and what is your content about. Give them some more details about your channel, for example, why did you start it and what are your goals? That could be something like “Hi, I am Susan, and I want to help you to achieve a better relationship with your dog.” Don’t concentrate just on the exact video, you did that with the opening line, but rather on your goals in general. And, again, these goals should provide some kind of help or answers to your viewers.

People need to be able to relate to you. Does their dog poop on the carpet? Or maybe it has anger issues? Whatever it is, they need to think that is exactly what could help me. Explain what you will show them, how you will do it, and what they could gain with watching your video and following your channel. If they can fix indoor pooping, that’s good. But if they can understand their dog and its behavior, that’s great. See where we’re going with this?

Introducing yourself (or the brand you represent) and your channel helps viewers to relax while they watch your video, because they know what will be delivered.

Engage viewers with your content

Engage viewers with your content

You must deliver what you promised earlier. As your video goes on, your viewers must stay engaged. Until the very end of it, and we mentioned earlier why we want them to watch the whole video.

To keep them engaged, of course, the most important thing is that your content is great. But even if it is, you shouldn’t just “sit and talk”. That gets boring very soon. Add some visually interesting elements to it, but also add interactive parts. If you can get people to click on things while watching your video, that will definitely keep them engaged, as they will feel like they participate in your video.

The good thing is that people are so used to being somehow cheated, that they don’t actually expect you will keep the promise. So if your content is what you claim it to be, that will be a pleasant surprise and you have set foundations for more.

Call to action

you tube Call to action

When you’ve set the foundations by delivering what you’ve promised, it is time to go to the next step. Did you know that your viewers are actually subconsciously wondering what is the next step? So, you will need to help them figure it out.

If your videos are connected somehow, and they should be if you are not just posting random stuff, your call to action can be asking people to watch your next/other videos. That is particularly efficient if you make series. But it will work either way. When they learned one thing, assuming that they were happy with your content, they will want to know more. You can say “Check out my video about…”, for example.

You could also send them to watch someone’s else video. Why? Because YouTube recognizes that as a “session” and will credit you if that session was started with your video. The longest a session is, the better for your metrics.

If you create other types of content except for videos, you can call your viewers to check it out and/or download it. (it should be related to your YouTube channel, though.) There is also a classic call to action, like following on other social networks or visiting your website. Whatever you think will work, just use your video wisely.

Other useful tips

One of the best strategies to keep your viewers engaged is to have them craving for more. For example, at the beginning of the video, you will say you have 5 easy steps to teach your dog how to greet other dogs (politely). So, from the very beginning of the video, you will invoke the human desire for the conclusion. They will want to see all steps, out of fear they will miss something important. You can even boost that desire by saying, somewhere later in your video, “We said there is another important step, and we will get to it in just a moment.” Or, something like “Make sure you watch until the end because I will share…”. We promise that works!

Another thing we mentioned earlier is to not let your video get boring. Don’t just stand or sit in one place and talk. And if you have to do that for some reason, you can switch camera angles or zoom in and out to make it more appealing to viewers. You can also switch from your face to the footage of something you are talking about at the moment. For example, if you are talking about dogs with pooping inside problems, you can show… Well, you get it.

You can also add animated text to keep your viewers engaged.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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