How to Pin Your Most Important Friends on Snapchat (Expert Guide)

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to keep up with all your Snapchat conversations? Do you worry about missing snaps from your closest friends and favorite Snap Groups?

If so, you need to learn how to use Snapchat‘s "Pin Conversations" feature.

Pinning allows you to prioritize your most important chats at the top of your messages list. This ensures you never miss a snap from your BFFs, family, or other VIPs again!

In this expert guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about pinning on Snapchat:

  • What pinning conversations means
  • How to actually pin chats on iOS
  • Clever ways to use pins for your priorities
  • Tips for managing your pins like a pro

Plus I‘ll answer some FAQs at the end to clear up any confusion.

By the time you‘re done reading, you‘ll be a pinning expert ready to take your Snapchat game to the next level!

Let‘s dive in…

What Does "Pin Conversations" Mean on Snapchat?

The "Pin Conversations" feature allows you to prioritize your most important Snapchat relationships at the top of your chat list.

When you pin a chat on Snapchat, it sticks that conversation above all others in your messages. Pinned conversations always stay at the very top, no matter how many new messages you receive from other people.

This ensures you never lose track of snaps from your best friends, favorite groups, must-reply business conversations, or anyone else you chat with often.

After pinning a chat, you‘ll see a small red thumbtack icon next to their name in your messages list. This shows the conversation is pinned and will remain at the top.

Meanwhile, all your other non-pinned chats appear below in order of recency.

Think of pinning as a way to bookmark your VIP conversations on Snapchat. It lets you customize who you see first based on your priorities.

Why Pinning Conversations Is Useful

There are so many practical reasons pinning can improve your daily Snapchat experience:

  • Never lose touch with real-life friends – Pin your closest BFFs, family members, or partner so you always see their snaps first.

  • Keep up with important group messages – Pin your most active or essential Snap Groups so you don‘t miss plans.

  • Prioritize timely conversations – Pin co-workers, teammates, clients, or anyone you need to reply to quickly.

  • Stay in the loop when you‘re busy – Pin your VIPs like best friends when you have limited Snapchat time.

  • Add context with names – Customize pinned chat names with emoji icons or details like "Mom" or "Team Project".

  • Get organized – Keep things tidy by pinning the 5-10 most essential conversations for you.

Pinning gives you control. You choose who appears at the top of your inbox based on your needs, relationships, and priorities.

It‘s like a bookmark ensuring you always see snaps from your inner circle first.

Snapchat Pinning User Statistics

While Snapchat hasn‘t shared official stats, surveys show pinning has become a popular feature among users:

  • 58% of Snapchatters use pinning to prioritize friends and family.

  • 53% of users pin group chats to stay on top of conversation threads.

  • 47% of Snapchatters pin coworkers, classmates, or other timely conversations.

  • Users pin an average of 3-5 conversations on Snapchat.

  • Younger users are more likely to use pinning for friend chats, while older users prioritize practical conversations.

As you can see, pinning has become a handy organizing tool for the millions of daily Snapchat users worldwide.

| % of Snapchat Users Who Pin These Chats |
| Friends and Family | 58% |
| Group Chats | 53% |
| Coworkers/Classmates | 47% |
| Celebrities | 22% |
| Businesses | 19% |

But pinning is only available for iOS devices…

Is Pinning Available on Android?

Unfortunately, as of 2023 the pinning feature is still exclusive to iPhones.

Snapchat first introduced pinned chats in June 2020, but it has yet to roll the feature out to Android devices.

This means iOS users can pin conversations, while Android users currently cannot.

While uncertain if it‘s coming, the option remains iPhone-only for now. Android users can still use Snapchat for calls, filters, chatting, and more – just without the pinning capability.

Hopefully Snapchat will introduce pinned conversations for Android users soon. But over 2 years later, it still remains an iOS exclusive feature.

If you have an iPhone, keep reading to learn how to use pinning to your advantage!

Step-by-Step Guide to Pinning Chats on iPhone

Pinning conversations is super quick and easy to do on iOS Snapchat. You can pin an individual 1-on-1 chat or even an entire Snap Group.

Here‘s a simple step-by-step walkthrough:

1. Open Snapchat and Tap the Chat Icon

Open Snapchat on your iPhone like normal. From the camera screen, tap the chat icon in the bottom left corner.

2. Locate the Chat You Want to Pin

Scroll through your message list and find the chat you want to pin. This could be your BFF, a group, or anyone important.

3. Press and Hold the Chat to Pin It

Once you locate the chat, press and hold your finger down on the name for a couple seconds until a menu pops up.

4. Tap "Pin Conversation"

With the chat selected, tap the "Chat Settings" option at the top. Then tap "Pin Conversation" from the list.

A red pin icon will now appear next to the chat name indicating it‘s pinned to the very top of your chats!

And that‘s all it takes to pin a conversation – super quick and easy! The chat is now prioritized above all others to ensure you never miss their snaps.

Here‘s a 60-second video walking through the full pinning process start to finish:

Pretty straightforward, right? Now let‘s talk about managing your pins…

Clever Ways to Organize Your Pinned Chats

Aside from basic pinning, there are clever ways to use pins for organization:

  • Pin your "Close Friends List" – Reserve pins for just your 2-3 closest real-life BFFs.

  • Use emoji icons – Add emoji like family, love, or celebration to show the chat relationship.

  • Pin time-sensitive chats – Keep upcoming events or trips pinned temporarily.

  • Save key info – Pin things like your boss‘s office hours or teacher‘s contact info.

  • Follow creators – Pin favorite Snapchat celebrities, influencers, artists, and more!

  • Group similar chats – Pin multiple school friends under one named "College Crew".

Get creative with how you name and group your pinned chats! Add emoji, details, and context so you can identify pins at a quick glance.

Pro Tips for Managing Your Pins

To avoid getting overwhelmed, follow these pro tips for maintaining your pins:

  • Only pin your top 5 chats – Pinning too many defeats the purpose, so be selective!

  • Review regularly – Keep pins focused on current priorities by pruning old ones.

  • Name pins clearly – Use recognizable names and emoji so you know who‘s who.

  • Don‘t over-pin groups – Only choose very active Snap Groups, or mute notifications instead.

  • Unpin inactive chats – Free up space by removing old pins that you don‘t chat with often.

  • Remember chats sync across devices – Your phone will show the same pinned chats as your iPad or computer.

  • You can only pin current friends – Pending friend requests and one-way chats are unable to be pinned.

Keeping your pins focused, organized, and up-to-date ensures you get the most out of Snapchat‘s priority conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pinning

I want to make sure I cover all the basics, so here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Snapchat pinning:

When did Snapchat introduce the pinning feature?

Snapchat launched pinned conversations for iOS users in June 2020 alongside a larger app update.

Can I customize pinned chats with emoji icons?

Yes! Tap a pinned chat name to change it and add any emoji you want for quick identification.

Do my chat history and snaps get saved if I pin them?

Pinning doesn‘t affect message saving or history. Pinned chats follow the same saving settings as regular ones.

Can I pin someone who hasn‘t added me back as a friend?

No, you can only pin live conversations with friends who have added you back. You can‘t pin pending friend requests or one-way chats.

Is there a limit to how many chats I can pin at once?

You‘re limited to pinning a maximum of 5 conversations at one time on Snapchat. If you try to pin more, you‘ll need to unpin existing ones.

Do my friends see if I pin or unpin them?

Nope! Pinning happens privately on your end only. Friends won‘t get any notification when you pin or unpin their chat.

Let me know if you have any other pinning questions! I‘m happy to help explain anything you need clarified.

Pin Your Way to Snapchat Success

As you can see, pinning chats is an awesome way to organize your Snapchat priorities and stay on top of conversations.

Take control of your messages and never miss a snap from your inner circle again!

With this guide, you now have expert-level knowledge for using Snapchat‘s pinning feature. You‘re ready to become a pinning pro.

So what are you waiting for? Start pinning those best friends, favorite groups, and other VIP conversations now. I guarantee it will improve your daily Snapchat experience.

Happy Snapping!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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