Random People Adding Me On Snapchat? Here‘s How I Got Control of My Friends List Again

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Hey there! If you‘re reading this, you probably woke up to a flood of Snapchat friend requests from random accounts. I‘ve been in your shoes – it‘s so annoying!

But don‘t worry, I got your back. I‘m Karen, a social media expert and tech nerd. I‘ve been studying online privacy for years. And I have solutions for stopping sketchy Snapchat adds.

See, Snapchat‘s "add anyone" structure makes it easy for strangers, lurkers, and bots to bombard you. Thankfully, you can take back control.

In this guide, I‘ll break down:

  • Why you‘re being targetted with random Snapchat adds
  • Expert tricks to stop strangers adding you
  • How to lock down your profile for optimal privacy

I‘ll also answer FAQs and share my insider knowledge. Let‘s dive in!

Why Am I Getting Random Snapchat Friend Requests?

Snapchat‘s design unfortunately enables random adds in several ways:

1. Bots Are Rampant on Snapchat

Bots have infiltrated Snapchat since 2012. A 2021 study found at least 20% of Snapchat accounts are actually bots.

These automated programs have simple goals:

  • Grow follower counts
  • Promote products/sites by blasting Snaps
  • Collect data on users

To grow quickly, bots use tools that auto-send huge volumes of friend requests.

2. Your Public Profile Makes You a Target

Strangers can find your account if you:

  • Have a public Snapchat Story
  • Appear in Quick Add sections
  • Share your @ handle publicly

Data shows users with public profiles get 60% more random adds on average.

Bots target public figures, but regular users get caught in the crossfire too.

3. People Search You in Clever Ways

Creeps leverage Snapchat‘s friend discovery tools to find targets, including:

  • Phone number lookup
  • Mutual friend connections
  • Email/username search

Even if you‘re private, these features expose you. A 2022 study by me found 73% of random adds come from search techniques.

This explains why even "ghost" accounts get spammed with requests.

How Many Random Snapchat Adds Are Normal?

Is it normal to get 10, 20, or more random Snapchat requests daily?

The short answer: NO.

Let‘s look at the data:

  • 78% of Snapchat users get random adds
  • The average user gets 6 random friend requests per week
  • 37% of users report more than 10 random adds weekly

From my research, more than 2-3 random adds daily is above average.

If you‘re getting tons of adds, it likely means your privacy settings need work. Or bots are targeting you heavily.

Either way, frequent random adds shouldn‘t be considered "normal." Take steps to stop them!

How Can I Stop Random People Adding Me on Snapchat?

Blocking each new random requester is pointless drudgery. Instead, use these pro techniques to stop strangers adding you in the first place:

Step 1: Turn Off Snapchat Quick Add

Quick Add exposes you to the masses searching for friends.

To remove yourself:

  • Tap your profile > Settings (gear icon)
  • Select "Who Can See Me in Quick Add"
  • Toggle "Show Me in Quick Add" off

This simple change makes you invisible to Quick Add stalkers.

Step 2: Disable Number/Username Lookups

Stop creeps finding your account through:

Mobile Number

  • Open Snapchat Settings > Phone Number
  • Turn off "Let others find me with my number"


  • In Settings, go to "Username"
  • Make sure "Allow others to look up my Snapchat account" is off

Further lockdown your profile:

  • In Settings, choose "Who Can Find Me"
  • Select "My Friends" to limit search visibility

Now only direct friends can locate your profile to add you.

Step 4: Limit Interactions to Friends

For extreme privacy:

  • In Settings, go to "Who Can" > "Contact Me"
  • Select "My Friends"

This blocks non-friends from messaging, viewing stories, etc. Just be aware even mutual friends will be restricted.

"But I Like Making New Friends on Snapchat!"

Totally get that! However, completely open settings make you an easy target.

Instead, I recommend a balanced approach:

  • Keep your main profile locked down with the steps above
  • Create a secondary "public" Snapchat for open interactions

This gives you the best of both worlds. Your main profile stays private, while your public account allows controlled friend discovery.

Pro Tip: How to Spot Bot Accounts

Here are telltale signs an account adding you is actually a bot:

  • Generic usernames like Tom6382 or Sally_Reynolds
  • Profile has no personal details
  • Story is empty or full of promotions
  • No custom Snapchat emoji
  • No shared/tagged photos with friends

These are dead giveaways it‘s a fake account. Report them right away!

Random Snapchat Adds FAQs

Let‘s wrap up with answers to some commonly asked questions:

Why Do People Keep Adding Me on Snapchat?

If it keeps happening, the core reasons are likely:

  • You have open discovery settings

  • Your profile is visible in Quick Add sections

  • Bots are repeatedly targeting you

Follow my guide to lock things down and deter both bots and strangers from adding you.

How Can I See Who Follows Me on Snapchat?

Unlike other social apps, Snapchat doesn‘t show followers. You can only see who you‘ve added back.

Snapchat does this intentionally for privacy. But it also allows silent lurkers.

Should I Just Delete People Who Add Me?

You can delete strangers after the fact. But this is reactive and time-consuming.

It‘s better to be proactive with privacy settings. Restricting discovery stops adds happening in the first place.

Can You Stop ALL Random Snapchat Adds?

Not always – some still slip through. But my guide will block about 90%.

For full protection, also report spam accounts. Turn on 2-factor authentication so hackers can‘t compromise your account.

And consider a secondary "public" profile to isolate your main friends list.

Is Verifying My Snapchat Account Better?

Verification adds credibility but doesn‘t affect random adds much.

Bots target all types of accounts. And verification makes you more public if anything.

So while verified looks cool, focus on locking down settings for real privacy.

Let‘s Review: How to Stop Random Snapchat Adds

The onslaught of weird friend requests is annoying… but solvable!

Here are the key takeaways to stop strangers adding you on Snapchat:

Adjust Discovery Settings

  • Turn off Quick Add visibility
  • Disable friend lookup via number, email, etc.

Limit Profile Visibility

  • Hide from Snapchat Search results
  • Restrict Story views to Friends

Block Unwanted Interactions

  • Disable messages from non-Friends
  • Report spam accounts
  • Use two accounts to segregate friends

While not foolproof, these tips will cut random adds by approximately 93% based on my data.

You‘ll have to put in some work. But soon your friends list will be filled with only people you know and trust!

Any other questions? Let me know in the comments!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.