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15 Best TikTok Followers Tracker of 2023 [Apps + Tools]

Tracking Your TikTok Growth: A Comparison of the Top TikTok Followers Tracker Tools


Do you know that there are applications that can help you keep track and learn more about your TikTok followers? This article will put you through the best TikTok followers trackers.

TikTok followers trackers are apps and tools that help you with insights on your followers. The activities of these tools are wide-ranging. Thus, keeping track of TikTok followers is only a small portion of their analytics prowess.

There are different reasons why you need to keep track of your followers on TikTok. You need to be aware of your followers’ online habits if you want to make maximum use of your time and effort. If you know when your followers are mostly available on the app, you will be able to schedule your posts in that regard to increase your engagement levels.

You will also like to know information like who has engaged with your posts the most, what kind of content your followers are interested in, identify potential audiences, etc. These and many other reasons are why you need a TikTok followers tracker. Below are TikTok analytics tools that can be used to keep a closer eye on your followers.

Best TikTok Followers Tracker

1. TikTok Analytics

TikTok Analytics for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

TikTok Analytics is an internal analytic tool that TikTok recently established. One may readily think it is available for all users, but that is not the case. If you are using a regular TikTok account, you won’t be able to use this feature. You will have to change to a TikTok Pro account before using it. Switching to a TikTok Pro account is an easy thing to do. You will find the switching option when you check your account settings.

The TikTok Analytics feature gives you access to statistical data of your account activities in the previous 7 to 28 days. You will obtain tangible information about your followers such as the gender spread, locations, those who have engaged with your posts the more, and the date and time they have done so.

You can also access the analytics of fellow TikTok accounts. This is a good way to see what your competitors are doing and use such information to make your account more successful.

2. TrendTok

TrendTok for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

TrendTok is a TikTok analytics tool that can help you gain more followers. This app will help identify what TikTok audiences are interested in by noticing impending trends. This forecast helps you to prepare original content early enough to keep your followers glued to your account.

With artificial intelligence playing a major role, TrendTok shapes its predictions to fit your preferences, and you can keep the ones that best interest you. This will ensure you have enough time on your hands to make great content to promote your ideas.

3. Analisa

Analisa for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

Analisa is a TikTok analytics tool that was established in 2019. Although it is relatively new, it is already making big moves in the social media management industry. With brands from over 57 countries on its rich clients’ roster, there is little wonder why the app is highly regarded.

Analisa provides you with great data concerning your followers, such as the number of likes you have amassed on your posts, where the engagements are coming from, and more. It uses artificial intelligence to generate informative data for its array of clients.

The only downside is that Analisa’s free plan does not have any feature available for TikTok. You can only use it for TikTok analysis by subscribing to any of its three paid plans. These monthly plans are Basic, Plus, and Pro, which cost $69,$149, and $239, respectively. However, the Basic plan contains limited features for TikTok as compared to the others.

4. Brand24

Brand24 is a tool that helps you gauge your hashtags’ performance on TikTok. This simply means you can keep track of how well your audiences are reacting to your content. With this tool, you can gain invaluable insight on how to better your strategies and move your brand or ideas forward by making effective content that will cause a boost in your engagement levels.

Brand24 can also help you achieve such results on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter. This hashtag feature allows you to track hashtag mentions, the level of exposure they have gained, and notable influencers that have adopted them. Brand24’s strategies provide you with a potential way of gaining social media relevance.

5. Popsters

Popsters for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

Knowing what your followers want on TikTok and other social media platforms is very essential to the growth of your business. That is one of the things that Popsters can help you achieve.

The app allows you to observe how well your content has performed on TikTok. This includes determining what kind of content your target audience picks more interest in and the right times you should publish on the app to engage your audience. With Popsters, you can arrange and filter your content and also export files in different formats.

6. Tik Analytics

Tik Analytics for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

With Tik Analytics, you can obtain key data about your followers. For instance, you can determine the total number, gender, and geographical spread of your followers, see the statistics of those that have engaged with your content, engagement rate, and more.

Tik Analytics is a free, web-based application. This makes it easy to use since you don’t need to download and install it. All you need to do is visit the website and input the username of the TikTok account you want to observe on a search tab provided for the purpose. Thus, you can obtain useful information about influential users and use the knowledge to improve your brand’s fortunes on the social media platform.

7. Exolyt

Exolyt for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

Exolyt is an app that only offers analytics services for TikTok. With this tool, you can get a comprehensive idea of how your engagement is progressing what needs to be done to boost it.

You can observe your target audiences’ habits, including their interests and how well they engage with your content. With Exolyt, you can compare two different TikTok accounts and determine which of them has a better audience and engagement reach. These data can give you ideas to improve your strategies and gain better outcomes.

Exolyt’s free plan grants you access to simple stats and historical data covering a four-day range. If you want more enhanced features, you will have to subscribe to its Influencer plan, which will cost you around $12 a month. The application has plans to establish an Influencer Pro plan in the nearest future. This provides users who want more than what the Influencer plan offers a better package.

8. TikLog

TikLog for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

TikLog is a TikTok analytics tool that was only recently established. But don’t let its relative newness fool you. This app is currently one of the best tools for keeping tabs on your followers. Its features and looks are remarkable. The app comes with five different tabs, each housing a different aspect of TikTok management strategies. These tabs are Hashtags, Comparisons, Trends, Accounts, and Analytics.

With this tool, you can track your followers and learn the best time to publish your content. The Accounts tab allows you to instantly generate information about any TikTok account. You need to input the target user’s username and let the tool search. You will get the previous 24 hours’ historical information about followers and engagement metrics concerning your target account.

The Analytics tab gives you in-depth statistics about a target account. This information includes comments, shares, reactions, views, and favorite content. You can also find data on the frequency of engagement, find used and successful hashtags. The app also allows you to download content to aid more findings. TikLog comes with a free trial that allows you to experience what you can achieve and how efficient it is.

9. Socialinsider

Socialinsider for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

Socialinsider is a very popular marketing tool among Instagram users. However, it also accommodates TikTok. You can learn how your audiences are engaging with your posts and if your followers are increasing or not. This tool helps you to gain more insight into how your marketing strategies are progressing.

You can also compare different influencer accounts to see which one has a better engagement and what exactly they are doing right. This will help you to determine what you need to attract your target audiences and possibly keep them loyal to your brand.

Socialinsider has different plans that are quite cheap and affordable. The basic plan will cost you $99 for a month. If you have more needs to be met, the Small Agency plan, which costs $169 a month, can be a good fit for you. You can also contact Socialinsider if you want a more personalized plan.

10. TikRank

TikRank for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

If you need one of the best free tools around to help with your TikTok analytics, TikRank is a great option. This tool is very easy to use, and its uses are basic too. TikRank provides you with analysis and behaviors of successful TikTok users.

You can use such data to derive your strategy to move your brand and ideas forward. With TikRank, you can determine the number of followers an Influencer has, views and posts. There are a couple of updates that TikRank wishes to make soon. They intend to include features that will allow you to track those who have unfollowed you and keep an eye on your followers count.

11. Pentos

Pentos for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

Pentos is an analytics tool to monitor how well your posts and hashtags are performing and important data about your target audience. With this tool, you can create better methods to increase your audience reach and attract new followers. Pentos provides you with a weekly analysis of your performance. Therefore, if you want to produce effective videos, hashtags, songs, and more, Pentos is a good fit.

12. Quintly

Quintly for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

Quintly was first established in 2010. At that time, it started as a Facebook pages comparison tool. But over the years, it has expanded into a great social media analytics tool with thousands of clients. They boast of notable clients, including Neil Patel. Brands and marketers mostly use Quintly. Its simple dashboard affords you the chance to organize and strategize effectively.

With Quintly, you will keep track of the number of TikTok followers and those you are following. This will provide you with further insight into how well your content is performing and whether your audience is increasing or not. Quintly offers automated reports on your target audience and those of rival brands or influencers. Quintly offers several plans. However, the cheapest among them costs  $300 per month.

13. TikTok Pro Account

TikTok Pro Account for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

Upgrading to a TikTok Pro account is an easy and economical way to improve your brand’s fortunes on the social media platform. Having a TikTok Pro account allows you to access a great range of statistical data. You will get information, including when your audiences tend to engage with your content. This insight can help you post at strategic times and dates, potentially boosting your engagement reach and moving your brand forward.

You don’t have to pay to get a TikTok Pro account. All you need to do is to activate the option through your account settings. You will find the “Manage my account” option when visiting your privacy settings. Clicking on it will bring up the “Switch to Pro Account” option, which changes your regular account to a Pro account when activated.

14. Melody Socials

Melody Socials for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

There is an amazing story surrounding how Melody Socials came to be. The creators of the analytics tool spent time scouring for influencers and weren’t satisfied with the results and how tough the process was. Therefore, they set to work, ultimately creating an easy way to search for TikTok influencers and obtain better results.

Melody Socials is an automated search tool that uses the data provided to search useful TikTok profiles. However, the only wrinkle you may find with this app is in pricing. It is quite expensive. Its basic plan goes for $299 a month. There is the Agency plan that costs $499 per month and the Platform plan, which goes for $999 a month

15. Storyclash

Storyclash for Tik Tok Follower Tracker

Keeping your TikTok followers happy is essential to the success of your brand. You can only achieve this by making effective content and also knowing when best to engage your target audiences. These tasks may seem a tall order, but with a tool like Storyclash, you will find them to be easy.

Storyclash shares some similarities with TrendTok. The app allows you to observe the progress of your account and other influential users. You can determine current ideas and incorporate them into your content creation process. Storyclash generally provides you with the opportunity to up your TikTok marketing game.


1. Are TikTok Followers Trackers safe?

Yes, TikTok Followers Trackers are safe for use. However, ensure you have a bit of information about any of such apps you intend to use so that you will know if it will be a good fit for you.

2. Are there free TikTok Followers Trackers?

Yes, there are TikTok Followers Trackers that you can use for free. A good example is TikTok Analytics. It is an internal TikTok analytics feature. However, it is only available for those with a TikTok Pro account. Some of the other tools mentioned in this article come with free trials, which allow you to use their features for a limited time.

3. How can I switch to a TikTok Pro account?

It is very easy to switch to a TikTok Pro account. All you need to do is to activate the option through your account settings.

You will find the “Manage my account” option when visiting your privacy settings. Clicking on it will bring up the “Switch to Pro Account” option, which changes your regular account to a Pro account when activated. Having a TikTok Pro account gives you access to the TikTok Analytics feature, which provides a great range of statistical data.


You will notice that most of the applications listed in this article are full-blown analytics tools. This is because there are few applications that focus squarely on tracking TikTok followers. Thus, these tools directly or indirectly help you to keep track of your followers.

These applications can do a lot of good to your TikTok progress. Some of the apps come with free trials, but a paid subscription will be a good option if you want to enjoy better services. I hope you find the one that best meets your preferences.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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