How to Completely Mute the Snapchat Camera Sound on iPhone and Android

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Have you ever tried taking a sneaky Snapchat only to have your cover blown by the loud shutter sound? The familiar click of the Snapchat camera can foil your plans when you‘re aiming for discretion.

Luckily, with a few easy tweaks you can learn how to turn off the Snapchat camera sound on both iPhones and Android phones. While Snapchat itself doesn‘t have a built-in setting to mute the camera, you can use your device‘s sound profiles to disable the shutter sound completely.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain multiple methods for muting the Snapchat camera on iOS and Android. You‘ll learn how to:

  • Use mute switches and volume controls to disable Snapchat sounds
  • Enable Silent Mode, Do Not Disturb, and other sound profiles
  • Take photos and videos on Snapchat without any shutter sound
  • Troubleshoot issues with muting the Snapchat camera

Plus, I‘ll provide tips for taking silent Snapchats discretely. Let‘s dive in!

Can You Mute the Snapchat Camera Sound?

Before we get into the step-by-step instructions, you may be wondering: is it even possible to turn off the camera sound on Snapchat?

The short answer is yes, you can mute the Snapchat camera click on both iPhones and Android devices. However, there is no direct setting within the Snapchat app itself to disable the shutter sound.

Instead, you‘ll need to use the sound and notification settings on your device to silence Snapchat. When your phone is in silent or vibrate mode, the Snapchat camera sound will be muted as well.

So while it‘s not possible to selectively mute just the Snapchat camera, you can easily turn off all sounds on your phone temporarily to take silent Snapchat photos and videos.

Now let‘s look at how to do this on both iOS and Android devices.

How to Mute Snapchat Camera Sound on iPhone

Thanks to the robust sound settings on iPhones, there are a few different ways to mute the Snapchat camera sound. Here are the steps for both newer iPhones with a side mute switch and older models without:

Use the Mute Switch (iPhone 7 and Newer)

  1. Open the Snapchat app.

  2. Locate the mute switch on the left side of your iPhone. Slide the switch so that the orange disappears, indicating that silent mode is now enabled.

  3. Open the Snapchat camera. You can now take photos and videos without any shutter sound.

  4. When you‘re done, slide the mute switch back so the orange color is visible again to turn sound back on.

iPhone mute switch

Use Silent Mode (Older iPhones)

For iPhones without a dedicated mute switch, you can enable Silent Mode instead:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone‘s home screen.

  2. Tap on Sounds & Haptics.

  3. Toggle the switch next to "Change with Buttons" to the OFF position.

  4. Tap on Ringers and Alerts.

  5. Move the volume slider all the way to the left to mute sound.

  6. Open Snapchat and take photos or videos without shutter sound.

  7. When finished, go back to Settings > Sounds & Haptics and turn the volume back up to re-enable sound.

Use Do Not Disturb Mode

You can also quickly mute your iPhone by turning on Do Not Disturb mode:

  1. Swipe down from the top of your iPhone‘s screen to reveal the Control Center.

  2. Tap the Crescent Moon icon to enable Do Not Disturb mode. This mutes all sounds.

  3. Open Snapchat and take photos/videos with no shutter sound.

  4. Return to Control Center and tap the Crescent Moon again to disable Do Not Disturb when finished.

According to a 2021 survey by Statista, over 75% of Snapchat‘s daily active users are on iPhones. So being able to mute the Snapchat camera sound discreetly on iOS devices is critical.

Silencing Snapchat on Android Phones

Android users can also easily mute the Snapchat camera sound by adjusting their phone‘s sound settings. Here are a couple ways to do it:

Use Sound Settings

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.

  2. Tap on Sound.

  3. Toggle the switches for Media Volume, Notifications Volume, Ring Volume and Alarm Volume to mute.

  4. Open Snapchat and take photos/videos with no shutter sound.

  5. When finished, go back to Settings > Sound and turn the volume sliders back up to re-enable sound.

Use Quick Settings

You can also quickly mute sounds from the notification drawer:

  1. Swipe down from the top of your Android‘s screen to open the notifications drawer.

  2. Press the Sound icon (looks like a speaker) to toggle between sound and vibrate/mute modes.

  3. With your phone muted, open Snapchat and snap away silently.

  4. Return to the notifications drawer and tap the Sound icon again to turn sound back on when you‘re done.

With over 100 million monthly active Android users, Snapchat needed to make it easy to mute sounds for those users. The quick access to sound controls from the notification shade allows Snapchatters to seamlessly switch their phones to silent mode as needed.

Expert Tips for Taking Silent Snapchats

Now that you know how to turn off the shutter sound for the Snapchat camera, here are some pro tips for taking discreet, silent Snapchats:

  • Switch your phone to mute mode before opening the Snapchat app. This ensures no sounds play from the start.

  • Use vibrate instead of fully silent if you still want to feel phone notifications. The Snapchat camera will remain muted.

  • Favor Do Not Disturb over mute switches when possible for more robust silencing.

  • Take advantage of Snapchat‘s new Quiet Mode for auto-muting (iOS only for now).

  • Increase your phone‘s vibration intensity if needed so you can still feel notifications.

  • Toggle mute on/off quickly from Control Center or Quick Settings for easy switching.

  • Turn sound back on promptly when you‘re done snapping to avoid missing calls/texts.

  • Use headphones for privacy if you don‘t want to mute notification sounds.

With practice, you‘ll be a master of taking stealthy Snapchat photos and videos without even a hint of sound. Your friends will be wondering how you manage to Snap so slyly!

Troubleshooting: Snapchat Camera Sound Still Not Muted?

In some cases, you may follow all the steps correctly to mute your phone‘s sounds, yet the Snapchat camera noise still persists. Here are some troubleshooting tips if you can‘t seem to silence the shutter sound:

  • Double check that your phone is definitely in mute/vibrate – toggle the mute switch on and off.

  • Close Snapchat fully and re-launch to pick up on the muted state.

  • Force stop Snapchat, clear app cache/data and re-open.

  • Try a different mute method like Do Not Disturb instead of just Silent Mode.

  • Update your Snapchat app and phone OS in case of software bugs.

  • Check Snapchat permissions to ensure camera and audio access weren‘t revoked.

  • Test muting on the native camera app to isolate the issue.

  • Try taking a video instead of photo to hear if sound plays.

  • Contact Snapchat support if muting still doesn‘t work on your device.

With some experimentation, you should be able to resolve any pesky issues that are preventing you from silencing the Snapchat camera properly.

Conclusion: Snap Silently on iOS and Android

Being able to mute the Snapchat camera sound gives you more discretion over when and how you Snap. While Snapchat itself doesn‘t offer a native mute option, both iPhones and Android phones provide system-level tools to disable the camera shutter sound.

From Do Not Disturb to mute switches, you have options to completely silence your Snapchat shots based on your specific iOS or Android device. Just be sure to toggle sound back on when you are finished snapping discretely.

So next time you want to capture something on the sly, use this guide to effortlessly turn off the Snapchat camera sound and snap away with confidence. No more revealing shutter clicks giving you away at the wrong moment!

Let me know if you have any other questions about muting Snapchat. I‘m happy to help explain how to disable the camera sound so you can master the art of silent Snapchat capture.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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