How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat

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Have you seen those gorgeous snaps with animated butterflies fluttering around someone‘s head? That‘s thanks to Snapchat‘s new viral Butterflies Lens! This whimsical effect is taking over social media, but not everyone can use it right away. The Butterflies Lens must be unlocked first before you can add butterfly magic to your Snaps. Keep reading to learn how to get this coveted lens on your own Snapchat account!

What is the Butterflies Lens?

The Butterflies Lens is an augmented reality lens created by Snapchat as part of their expanding library of fun lenses and filters. True to its name, this lens fills your Snaps with graceful animated butterflies that appear to be flying around your head and body. It‘s a beautiful, playful effect that adds a touch of magic to your photos and videos.

Snapchat is known for releasing new lenses all the time to keep their platform fresh and engaging. These temporary lenses come and go, with some reaching viral popularity levels. The Butterflies Lens is Snapchat‘s latest lens sensation that has users enchanted. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian have shared Snaps using the butterfly effect.

However, since this lens is so new and in-demand, it‘s not available right away for all users. You have to take a couple quick steps to unlock it first. But unlocking the lens is easy peasy using one of the methods below!

Snapchat Lens Usage Statistics

  • Over 70% of daily Snapchat users play with lenses and filters every day.
  • The top 5 most viewed Snapchat lenses have been played with over 15 billion times combined.
  • The first lens to reach 1 billion views took only 5 days to get there.
  • Sponsored lenses see an average swipe-through rate of 20-40%.
  • Lenses with interactive capabilities have 53% higher swipe-through rates.

As you can see, lenses are incredibly popular with the Snapchat community. So it‘s no wonder everyone is eager to unlock the new Butterflies Lens!

The quickest and easiest way to unlock any Snapchat lens is by using a direct lens link. Every Snapchat lens has its own unique URL that instantly opens and unlocks that lens when clicked. Friends who already have access to a lens can share this link with you, and voila! Lens unlocked.

Here‘s a step-by-step guide to using a Snapchat lens link:

  1. Ask a friend who already has the Butterflies Lens unlocked to share the lens link with you. This is usually done through text, Snapchat, email, etc.
  2. When you receive the link, simply tap on it from your mobile device. It should open up the Snapchat app automatically.
  3. The Butterflies Lens will be unlocked and ready to use in your lens tray! That‘s all it takes.

Lens links are great because they unlock lenses instantly without having to search or scan anything. The only catch is you need to get the link from someone who already has it unlocked. But lens links spread quick, so they‘re easy to find online or from friends.

Method 2: Scan a Snapcode

In addition to standard links, Snapchat lenses can also be unlocked by scanning special Snapcodes.

A Snapcode is the little ghost logo QR code unique to every Snapchat user and lens. Specific Snapcodes for lenses can be found online to scan and unlock them instantly. It just takes a few seconds!

Here are the steps for unlocking a lens with a Snapcode:

  1. Find a Snapcode image for the Butterflies Lens either online or from a friend.
  2. Open your Snapchat camera and tap the Snapcode icon in the top left corner.
  3. Hover your camera over the Butterflies Lens Snapcode so it‘s visible on your screen.
  4. Tap the code to scan it. Your phone will automatically scan and unlock the lens for you!
  5. The Butterflies Lens will then be available in your lens tray to use anytime.

Snapcode scanning is super fast, easy, and reliable. It‘s a great option if you can‘t get a lens link but can find an image of the right Snapcode.

Method 3: Search for the Lens

The last way to unlock lenses is by manually searching for them in the Snapchat app. Here are the steps to find and unlock the Butterflies Lens this way:

  1. Open Snapchat and tap the magnifying glass search icon in the top left corner.
  2. Type "butterflies" in the search bar and press enter.
  3. Scroll through the search results until you see the Butterflies Lens icon.
  4. Tap the lens icon to preview the effect.
  5. Press and hold the icon to permanently save the lens to your tray.

And that‘s it, you can now find the Butterflies Lens anytime in your lens selector tray. This manual search method works if you can‘t use a link or Snapcode. It just takes longer to find the exact lens you want.

Using Your New Butterflies Lens

Once unlocked, using the Butterflies Lens to enhance your Snaps is easy and fun! Just follow these steps whenever you want to add a flutter of butterfly magic to your photos or videos:

  1. Open Snapchat and swipe over to the camera tab as usual.
  2. Select the Lenses button in the bottom tray and tap on your new Butterflies Lens.
  3. Tap the shutter button to take a photo or hold it down to record a video with the butterfly effect.
  4. Edit your Snap with captions, drawings, stickers, etc. if desired.
  5. Send away to friends or add to your Story! The butterflies will bring delight to all.

The Butterflies Lens is the perfect way to give your Snaps an extra magical touch. Unlock it today using one of the easy methods above, then relax and enjoy your new fluttering friends!

Why Snapchatters Love Fun Lenses Like the Butterflies Lens

What makes special lenses like the Butterflies Lens so popular with Snapchatters? Here are some of the key reasons these fun AR lenses get people excited:

  • They‘re playful and whimsical – who doesn‘t love a little fantasy and magic?
  • Lenses are creative outlets for self-expression – you can portray different sides of your personality.
  • They make your Snaps stand out – lenses instantly give your content a unique vibe.
  • Lenses tie into trends and viral memes – it‘s a way to participate in cultural moments.
  • They‘re tools for telling stories – lenses amplify whatever narrative or emotion you want to convey.

For these reasons and more, Snapchat lenses continue to be a massive hit with their users. People love expressing themselves through these AR effects. So if you want to be part of the butterfly hype, unlock that lens today and see your Snap game take flight!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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