How to Delete Crypto Com Account

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Hey there!

So you‘re thinking about deleting your account? Not so fast!

Deleting your account is a big decision – once it‘s gone, there‘s no getting it back. As a fellow crypto enthusiast, I definitely want you to make the right choice here.

That‘s why I put together this complete guide walking you step-by-step through how to delete your account. But before we dig into the details, let‘s go over the key questions I had when I considered deleting my own account:

  • What exactly happens when you delete your account?
  • What‘s the process to permanently delete your account?
  • What should you do before deleting your account?
  • Are there any risks or downsides to be aware of?

By the end of this guide, you‘ll have answers to all those questions and more. You‘ll know exactly what to expect so you can decide if deleting your account is the right move for you.

So strap in and let‘s get started! This is everything you need to know about how to delete your account.

Here‘s What Happens When You Delete Your Account

Before we dig into how to delete your account, it‘s really important to understand what happens when you go through with it.

Here are the key things you need to know: Keeps Your Personal Data for at Least 5 Years

Even after your account is deleted, will retain your personal information for a minimum of 5 years. This is due to regulations they have to comply with.

The types of personal data they keep includes:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Date of birth
  • Copy of your government ID
  • Any files or data related to your account activities

So if you value privacy, know that your information will still be in‘s system for years to come.

You Must Withdraw Any Remaining Account Balances

This is a big one. Before deleting your account, you need to make sure to withdraw any remaining funds or cryptocurrencies.

That means emptying your account balance to either:

  • An external crypto wallet address
  • Your linked bank account

If you don‘t withdraw your full account balance, whatever is left over will be lost forever when your account is deleted. Make sure you transfer out every last penny!

Cancelling Your Visa Card Costs $50

If you have a Visa debit card connected to your account, cancelling it when you delete your account comes with a $50 termination fee.

So be prepared to pay that fee if you want to permanently close your account but still have an active card.

Account Recovery is Impossible

This is the big one. Once your account is deleted, there is absolutely no way to recover it. The process is permanent and irreversible!

So if you have second thoughts after deletion, you‘re out of luck. That account is gone for good.

Keep all this in mind as you decide if you really want to delete your account. Now let‘s get into how to actually do it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Your Account

Ready to delete your account for good? Here is the complete walkthrough:

Step 1: Empty Your Account Balances

Log into your account and make sure to withdraw any remaining funds or crypto. Send it all to an external wallet or bank account.

You want your balances to read $0 before moving forward with account deletion. Leave no stone unturned by checking these areas:

  • Fiat wallet balance
  • Crypto wallet balances
  • Card balance if you have a debit card

Once your entire account balance is emptied, you‘re ready for the next step.

Step 2: Disable Your Visa Card

If you have a Visa card, you‘ll want to disable it before deleting your account.

Here‘s how:

  1. In the app, go to the Card tab
  2. Tap your Visa card
  3. Scroll down and tap "Disable Card"
  4. Confirm disabling the card

This will stop all transactions on the card and prepare it for cancellation when your account is deleted.

Keep in mind this triggers the $50 account termination fee, so be ready for that.

Step 3: Contact Support to Delete Account

Now it‘s time to actually request account deletion.

Important: You can only initiate this via the email associated with your account. Any other email will be rejected.

Here‘s what to do:

  1. Send an email to [email protected]
  2. Put "Close Account" in the subject line
  3. In the body, state you want to permanently delete your account
  4. Double check it is sent from your account email!

And that‘s it – support will take it from there.

Step 4: Provide Identity Verification to

To complete the account deletion process, will ask you to verify your identity.

This ensures your account is being deleted properly by you and not fraudulently by someone else.

You‘ll need to send them:

  • A photo of yourself holding a handwritten note with:
    • Today‘s date
    • Your full name
    • The words ""

That‘s all they need. Do not provide any account passwords or sensitive information.

Step 5: Wait 1-2 Days for Account Deletion Confirmation

Once you provide the requested identity verification, will proceed to permanently deleting your account.

This process takes 1-2 business days to fully complete on their end.

You‘ll receive a confirmation email when it‘s officially done and your account is closed for good.

Step 6: Delete the App From Your Phone

With your account now deleted from‘s end, all that‘s left is to delete their app from your phone or device.

This fully severs your ties to the platform by removing any saved login credentials or other data.

  1. Open your phone‘s app manager
  2. Find and select the app
  3. Tap "Delete" or "Uninstall" to remove it

And that‘s it – your account is now gone for good!

What You Should Do BEFORE Deleting Your Account

While the actual deletion process is straightforward, there are some important things you should do ahead of time before closing your account for good.

Here are the top recommendations:

Make Sure You Have Your Transaction History

If you traded cryptocurrencies or used the card, you‘ll need your full transaction history for tax purposes.

So before deleting your account, make sure to:

  • Export a copy of your trade history
  • Download any Visa card statements

This provides the records you need to handle cryptocurrency taxes down the road.

Understand the Tax Implications

Speaking of taxes, deleting your account has potential tax implications to be aware of.

Some key things to consider:

  • You may owe capital gains taxes on any investment gains
  • Loss of asset purchase records can complicate tax reporting
  • Losing staking reward history removes proof of earned income

Make sure you understand what deleting your account means for your cryptocurrency tax obligations before moving forward.

Consider Staking and Other Benefits Losses

If you took advantage of features like staking rewards and cashback, be sure you want to lose access to those perks.

When your account is gone, so are those benefits. Make sure you won‘t regret missing out on earned interest and other passive income.

Transfer Loyalty Program Progress

If you actively used‘s loyalty VISA card tiers, you will lose all your program progress when deleting your account.

See if you can transfer at least some of that progress over to a new account first before closing your current one.

You Can‘t Reuse Your Username

Once deleted, your specific username becomes permanently unavailable to you.

If you want to create a new account later, you‘ll have to use a different username.

Keep that in mind if you have a preferred name you want to hang onto.

By being aware of factors like taxes, lost benefits, and transaction records ahead of time, you can delete your account smoothly without any regrets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deleting Accounts

Let‘s go over some common questions people have about deleting their account:

Can I delete my account directly from the mobile app?

Unfortunately no. There is no "delete account" option in the app. You have to email their customer support team to initiate closure.

What if I change my mind after deletion – can I recover my account?

Nope, account deletion is permanent. Once your account is closed, there is absolutely no way to retrieve or reinstate it. Be 100% committed before going through with it!

What happens to my remaining funds if I forget to withdraw them before deletion?

Any funds or crypto still left in your account balances when deletion happens will be lost and inaccessible. Remember to fully empty your account before closure!

How long does it take to delete my account after I request it?

The account closure process typically takes 1-2 business days after you initiate the request. support needs time to verify and process the deletion properly on their end.

Can I just delete specific cryptocurrency wallets without closing my whole account?

No, it‘s all or nothing when it comes to account deletion. You cannot delete individual crypto wallets or assets. Your only options are to keep the account open or delete everything.

What should I do if asks for sensitive information like my account password?

You should never provide your account password or any other sensitive credentials. The only information they need is a photo of you holding your handwritten ID note. If support asks for more, it‘s likely a scam attempt.

Hopefully these answers cleared up some of the most common questions around deleting those accounts!

Before You Delete, Consider This…

If you made it all the way here, congratulations – you now know everything there is to know about how to delete your account!

But before you rush to delete it, make sure to seriously consider these final points:

  • Are you comfortable with retaining your personal data for 5+ years after closure?

  • Have you withdrawn 100% of your account balances and disabled any linked card?

  • Do you have all the transaction history and documents you need for taxes?

  • Are you willing to lose access to staking rewards, cashback and other perks forever?

  • Are you fully ready to never recover or restore your account after deletion?

Only you can decide if the benefits of deleting your account outweigh the costs.

My sincere hope is this complete guide gave you absolutely everything you need to make the right choice for your specific situation.

But if you still have any questions at all, don‘t hesitate to reach out! I‘m always happy to help a fellow crypto user make the optimal decisions.

Either way, I wish you nothing but the best no matter what you decide! Stay safe out there.

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