How to Reset Your Snapchat Password Without Email or Phone Number

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So your Snapchat password has slipped your mind and now you‘re locked out of your account. No problem, you think – I‘ll just reset my password.

But as you try to go through Snapchat‘s password reset flow, you quickly realize you have no way to actually reset that password because you don‘t have access to your account‘s email or phone number anymore. Uh oh.

Locking yourself out of Snapchat because you lost your password recovery options is an incredibly frustrating situation to be in. Trust me, I‘ve been there too!

As someone who uses Snapchat every day and depends on it to keep up with friends, the thought of losing access to my account is scary. But over the years, I‘ve learned some tips and tricks that can get you back into Snapchat, even without an email or phone number.

After digging through Snapchat support docs, forum posts, and testing things out myself, I‘ve pieced together this complete guide on how to reset your Snapchat password when you don‘t have your recovery email or phone number.

I‘ll walk you through how to:

  • Reset your Snapchat password by working directly with Snapchat support
  • Provide the right info to verify your identity
  • Get Snapchat support to respond quickly to your request
  • Strengthen your account security so this doesn‘t happen again

Losing access to your main communication app can be isolating – you feel cut off. Let‘s get you back connected with friends on Snapchat quickly!

Locked Out of Your Snapchat Account? Here‘s What To Do:

When you realize you‘re locked out of Snapchat without your password recovery options, you need to take action fast. Here are the key steps:

  1. Contact Snapchat Support – Explain your situation and request a password reset through their contact form. This is the only way without an email/number.

  2. Provide Account Details – Give usernames, locations, friends – anything to prove the account is yours.

  3. Wait 1-3 Days – Be patient as Snapchat verifies your identity before resetting your password.

  4. Strengthen Security – Once you regain access, update your settings to avoid getting locked out again.

If you follow this game plan, you‘ll be back into your Snapchat account in no time. Now let‘s get into the specifics on how to actually execute this plan.

Step 1: Navigate to Snapchat Support Site & Select "Contact Us"

Since you don‘t have your recovery email or phone number, you can‘t go through the standard Snapchat password reset flow. Your only option is to work directly with Snapchat‘s support team.

Here‘s how to get in contact with them:

  1. Open your browser – Desktop or mobile, doesn‘t matter. Just can‘t be in the Snapchat app.

  2. Go to – Their help site.

  3. Scroll down and click the big orange "Contact Us" button.

This will open up the Snapchat contact form where you can explain your situation and request help.

I know it‘s obvious, but this first step trips up a lot of people. You need to be on Snapchat‘s actual support website to get in touch with their team – you can‘t just reset your password directly within the app without an email or number.

Step 2: Select "My Account Login" and "Forgot My Password"

After accessing the contact form, you need to go through a couple of multiple choice questions by selecting the options that fit your specific issue:

  1. For "What can we help you with?" select "My account login".

  2. For "Oh no! Tell us more…" select "I forgot my password".

These options indicate to Snapchat that you‘re having trouble logging in to your existing account because you forgot your password.

And by selecting these specific issues, you‘re routed to the part of Snapchat‘s support team that can actually help with password resets. So it‘s important to get the multiple choice questions right!

Step 3: Explain That You Don‘t Have Email or Phone Number Access

After selecting those first couple options, you‘ll see a text box where you can provide additional details about why you need your password reset.

This is where you want to fully explain that:

  • You don‘t have access to the email on your Snapchat account

  • You also don‘t have access to the phone number on your Snapchat account

  • You need help resetting your password to regain access

Providing this context sets the right expectations with Snapchat‘s support team. It lets them know you can‘t just follow the normal reset steps and will need more assistance.

You also want to provide as many helpful details as possible in this text box. For example:

  • Your exact Snapchat username

  • Any email addresses you think might be associated with the account

  • Any old phone numbers you may have used to create the account

  • Locations where you‘ve used this Snapchat account

  • Friends you frequently chat with on Snapchat

  • Usernames of friends on Snapchat

  • Display name / Bitmoji associated with the account

Basically, any specifics you can share to prove this Snapchat account belongs to you will increase your chances of successfully resetting the password.

I also recommend explaining why you no longer have access to the email or phone number originally tied to your account. For example:

  • You switched phone numbers and your old one got recycled

  • Your old email address got hacked/deactivated

  • You created the account as a minor with a parent‘s phone/email

Giving this additional context helps Snapchat understand why you can‘t just reset your password normally. And how losing access to your account was out of your control.

The more details you can provide, the better!

Step 4: Complete Captcha & Submit Request

You‘re so close! The last step is finishing up the contact form:

  • Complete the captcha to confirm you aren‘t a robot 🤖

  • Hit the "Send" button to submit your request to Snapchat.

After submitting, you‘ll see a confirmation message with your 7-digit support ticket number. This is your reference in case you need to follow up on your ticket.

Pat yourself on the back – you‘ve now successfully reached out to Snapchat for help resetting your password without an email or phone number. Now comes the hard part…waiting for their response.

Step 5: Wait 1-3 Business Days for Snapchat‘s Reply

Here is the cold hard truth about contacting Snapchat support – it takes time for them to get back to you.

Based on data from Snapchat users across the web, it typically takes 1-3 business days for Snapchat to respond to password reset requests.

I know, I know – the waiting period sucks. But there is a good reason for the delay. Resetting a password without the associated email or phone number presents a security risk.

Snapchat needs time to properly verify that you actually own the account before letting you create a new password and regain access.

Don‘t Try Circumventing the Waiting Period

Because the waiting period is so frustrating, some people try contacting Snapchat support multiple times to speed up the response.

I strongly advise against this. Flooding Snapchat support with duplicate requests will only slow them down.

And repeatedly contacting them from different channels can make you appear suspicious – causing additional delays while they validate your identity.

As hard as it is, your best bet is to wait patiently for Snapchat support to get back to you. Use the 1-3 day timeframe to gather any other helpful credentials, locations, friends, etc. from the account that can prove it‘s yours.

Check Your Spam Folder

One good tip while waiting on Snapchat support is to frequently check your spam folders during those 1-3 days.

Snapchat‘s response email can sometimes get flagged as spam by overzealous filters. So you don‘t want to miss their message!

Follow Up If It‘s Been Longer Than 3 Days

If it‘s been longer than 3 business days without a reply from Snapchat support, it is fair game to follow up:

  • Reference your 7-digit support ticket number

  • Politely ask if there are any updates on the status of your request

  • Reiterate that you are the owner of the account and can provide more proof if needed

Send your follow up from the email you used to originally contact them. And avoid spamming them – wait at least another 1-2 business days for their response before looping back again.

The key is being patient but firmly persistent. Snapchat support will eventually get back to you as long as you provide legitimate proof of ownership. Don’t lose hope!

Regaining Access to Your Snapchat Account

Once Snapchat support actually responds to your request, you‘re in the home stretch. But there are still a couple steps left before your password is reset:

Verify Your Identity

Snapchat will likely ask you some additional questions to confirm you are actually the owner of the account before resetting your password.

Be ready to provide any other details they request – locations, memories, friends, etc. Your goal is to prove beyond any doubt this is your account.

Some specific things Snapchat support may ask for:

  • Creation date of the account

  • Original sign-up method (phone or email)

  • Locations where the account was used

  • Friends you frequently chat with

  • Context of recent conversations

  • Usernames of best friends

  • Purchases made on the account

Take your time compiling this information. Double check details before sending them over to ensure accuracy.

Complete Account Recovery Steps

Once Snapchat support is confident you own the account based on the details provided, they will reset your password and guide you through creating a new one.

Critical Step: Before creating a new password, enable two-factor authentication on your account. This adds your phone number for login verification, preventing future lockouts.

You‘ll also be prompted to enter a recovery email address. Do it right away while you‘re thinking about it to avoid this mess again.

With your new password created, two-factor enabled, and recovery options in place, congratulations – you‘re back in your Snapchat account!

Avoid Future Snapchat Lockouts

Reclaiming your lost Snapchat access feels amazing, but you don‘t ever want to go through this ordeal again.

Here are 5 tips to keep your account secure:

1. Create a Strong Unique Password

Your old forgotten Snapchat password was probably weak – short, simple, reused across accounts.

This time, make your new password long, complex, and unique to Snapchat. Use a mix of 12+ upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

And consider using a password manager to generate and store your new password so you never lose it.

2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Adding two-factor authentication requires both your password AND phone to log in to Snapchat.

So even if someone gets your password, they can‘t access your account without also stealing your phone. It adds an important extra layer of security.

3. Note Your Two-Factor Recovery Code

When you enable two-factor, Snapchat will show you a recovery code. Keep this in a safe place in case you ever lose your phone.

The recovery code lets you disable two-factor authentication if your phone is stolen or wiped. Just don‘t store it on your phone!

4. Update Your Recovery Email & Phone Number

Make sure your current email address and phone number are linked to your Snapchat account. These will let you easily reset your password next time you forget it.

5. Log Out on Shared/Public Devices

Always log out of your Snapchat account if you use a shared or public device. This prevents strangers from accessing your account.

Following these security best practices will help ensure you never have to go through Snapchat password recovery hell again. Stay vigilant!

You Got This! Don‘t Panic If You‘re Locked Out of Snapchat

Losing access to your Snapchat account can feel isolating and overwhelming. But don‘t panic!

With the steps in this guide, you can reset your Snapchat password without an email or phone number in just a few days.

It may take some patience and persistence. But hundreds of thousands of Snapchat users have successfully recovered their accounts through Snapchat support.

Stay calm, collect helpful account details, and politely keep following up with Snapchat. They will get you back into your account if you take the right steps.

Before you know it, you‘ll be back Snapchatting your friends – crisis averted!

Now go enjoy sending those selfies and videos again. Just please please please enable two-factor authentication this time around 😅.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.