The Turi Ip Ip Ip Meme – Explaining the Peculiar Puppy Lip Sync Taking Over TikTok

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Here is a 2000+ word blog post on the Turi Ip Ip Ip meme:

Memes spread across the internet in mysterious ways. The latest peculiar puppy lip sync taking TikTok by storm is the ‘Turi Ip Ip Ip’ meme. Featuring adorable pets seeming to sing nonsense lyrics over an instrumental EDM song, these videos have amassed millions of views and likes.

But where did this meme come from and why is it so popular? This guide will break down the origins, lyrics, and significance of the Turi Ip Ip Ip meme. Read on to learn about the viral lip syncing animals taking over your For You Page.

The Origins of Turi Ip Ip Ip

To understand Turi Ip Ip Ip, we first need to explore the meme culture of TikTok and how viral sounds give birth to video formats. TikTok’s platform makes it easy for audio snippets to go mega-viral as users employ them in videos. Dances, sketch comedy, and lip syncs often utilize these viral ‘sounds’ as the basis for memes.

The Turi Ip Ip Ip meme utilizes the instrumental song ‘Symbolism’ by Electro-Light, an EDM artist. Released in 2014, this energetic electronic song gained popularity on TikTok in early 2022 as users included it in dance videos.

But it was TikTok user @cappeman1 who took the Electro-Light song in a peculiar direction. In a May 2022 video, @cappeman1 uploaded a slideshow of a dog seeming to sing fake, nonsense lyrics to the beat of Symbolism.

The joke was that the actual song has no vocals, so @cappeman1 made up absurdist lyrics on the spot. These lyrics went:

“Turi ip ip ip
ip ip ip tsha ik
ip tsha ip ik
turi turi isha ip turisha”

And a meme format was born. The video absolutely blew up, currently sitting at 9 million views and 1.3 million likes. TikTokers began creating their own versions, editing the fake lyrics over pets, babies, cartoons, and anything else imaginably lip syncing.

Part of the appeal is the absurdity and randomness of the made-up words. Turi Ip Ip Ip lyrically makes no sense, but it fits the vibe of the upbeat instrumental track. The meme also utilizes the interplay between music and visuals, as the subject seems to be passionately ‘singing’ the gibberish lyrics.

The Standard Turi Ip Ip Ip Lyrics / Copypasta

While individual videos may get creative with the lyrics, a standard Turi Ip Ip Ip copypasta has emerged for simplicity’s sake:

[Chorus] turi ip ip ip
ip ip ip tsha ik

[Verse 1] ip tsha ip ik
turi turi isha ip turisha

[Chorus] turi ip ip ip
ip ip io tsha ik

[Verse 2] ip tsha ip ik
turi turi isha ip turisha

[Chorus] turi ip ip ip
ip ip ip ip tsha ik

These repetitive lyrics contain made-up “words” arranged in a lyrical structure reminiscent of actual songs. The verses and chorus repeat nonsense syllables containing “ip”, “turi”, “tsha”, and “ik” sounds.

The lyrical repetition and vocalized beats give an impression similar to scat singing. It comes across as a playful, interpretive melodic accompaniment to the Electronic-Light instrumental.

Turi Ip Ip Ip Compared to Wenomechainsama

The Turi Ip Ip Ip meme shares similarities with another fabricated lyric meme – the ‘wenomechainsama’ trend.

Wenomechainsama also originated on TikTok when user @alfred.warnes uploaded a slideshow video of a dog ‘singing’ to another lyricless instrumental song. In this case, the song was ‘Run’ by AWOLNATION.

Like Turi Ip Ip Ip, the wenomechainsama lyrics are completely made-up to fit the song’s beat. Repetitive syllables like “we”, “no”, “me”, “cha” feature prominently in wenomechainsama just as “ip”, “turi” and “tsha” do in Turi Ip Ip Ip.

Both memes are enjoyable for the dissonance between the instrumental track and absurd fake vocals. They follow a similar structure – a slideshow or subject paired with rhyming gibberish captioned over the video.

However, Turi Ip Ip Ip has eclipsed wenomechainsama in popularity, likely thanks to the viral distribution power of TikTok. It serves as an evolution of the fictional lyric meme.

Examples of Turi Ip Ip Ip Videos

The versatility of the Turi Ip Ip Ip meme lies in how it can be adapted to almost any subject. Let’s look at some of the most viewed versions:

The original @cappeman1 video using a dog has 9 million views. Another early viral example featuring a chicken has 13 million views.

User @xoxo_chubby_cheeks employed a crying baby in their Turi Ip Ip Ip video, earning 4.6 million views.

@n.imitating uploaded a version with various Nickelodeon cartoon characters singing along for 6 million views.

Even non-living subjects work for the meme, as @computer.girl’s Turi Ip Ip Ip video featuring spinning 3D animations received 4.7 million views.

The meme has spread beyond TikTok to other platforms too. Popular YouTuber Beluga included an animated cat version in a comedy sketch video with over 4 million views.

These examples display the widespread application of the meme format. Any subject – whether an animal, cartoon, or inanimate object – can ‘sing’ the Turi Ip Ip Ip lyrics.

Why Turi Ip Ip Ip Went Viral

Many factors launched the Turi Ip Ip Ip meme into the internet zeitgeist. The absurd humor of mismatches lyrics resonated with Gen Z audiences. TikTok’s duet and stitch features enabled rapid derivative content.

The variation potential also helped the meme gain popularity, as each user could put their own spin on it. This adaptability meant it didn’t get old quickly, unlike more one-dimensional meme formats.

The adorable pet videos shared a feel-good vibe that people enjoyed spreading across social media feeds. In a way, Turi Ip Ip Ip underscores the relatable human tendency to imagine our pets can ‘speak’ to us.

Memes also spread quickly when they piggyback off already popular media. In this case, the Electro-Light Symbolism song provided a catchy instrumental familiar to TikTok users.

Finally, the nonsensical lyrics contain a certain absurdist humor that prompts bewildered laughs. The repetition of “ip ip ip” evokes the sound of a dog barking or bird chirping in a lyrical manner.

Behind the Peculiar Lyrics

Let’s explore the thinking behind the Turi Ip Ip Ip made-up lyrics:

  • The “ip” and “turi” sounds are likely meant to phonetically mimic animal noises like barks, chirps, or quacks. This adds to the humor of pets seeming to ‘sing’ the lyrics.

  • Repeated syllables with percussive beats allow the lyrics to sync up with the energetic tempo of the Symbolism instrumental.

  • Short ‘words’ like “ip”, “tsha”, and “ik” are catchy and easy to remember, aiding the copypasta spread.

  • Certain syllables like “turi” and “isha” have an exotic flair, giving the impression of a foreign language.

  • Made-up words prevent any literal meaning that could distract from the meme. The lyrics are all about rhythmic nonsense.

  • The verse-chorus structure parodies songwriting conventions for comedic effect.

In summary, the Turi Ip Ip Ip lyrics utilize fundamental aspects of music – rhythm, tempo, scat singing, hooks – to craft a fictional vocal accompaniment for the Symbolism track.

How to Make Your Own Turi Ip Ip Ip Meme

Want to hop aboard the Turi Ip Ip Ip train for your own meme video? Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Choose a subject – this can be a pet, cartoon, object, or anything entertaining when paired with music.

  2. Download the Electro-Light Symbolism song either from YouTube or TikTok sounds.

  3. Lip sync or create animated captions of the Turi Ip Ip Ip lyrics over your subject. You can use the copypasta or get creative with new lyrics!

  4. Edit your video meme adding effects, transitions, zooming, and movement to match the beat.

  5. Post your Turi Ip Ip Ip creation on TikTok or other platforms, crediting the original meme.

  6. Engage with your viewers! Duet or stitch with other versions and start a Turi Ip Ip Ip trend.

The meme presents lots of room for creativity – you could even dress pets up in costumes or use subject transitions. Keep it fun and lively!

The Turi Ip Ip Ip Phenomenon Continues

The Turi Ip Ip Ip meme displays the turbulent nature of internet virality. A simple 6-second video can spawn millions of derivative videos, cementing itself as a cultural touchstone.

Memes frequent come and go at lightning speed, but Turi Ip Ip Ip has shown surprising staying power. The absurd lyrics and participatory lip syncing seem to have captured a certain zeitgeist reflecting our reliance on pets for entertainment.

Some may dismiss Turi Ip Ip Ip as just another silly meme distracted teenagers share. But memes can also represent greater cultural tendencies of remixing, participating, and reshaping media.

At the very least, Turi Ip Ip Ip provides some harmless fun and joy when your FYP needs it. It continues evolving as users find new ways to lip sync those iconic lines:

“Turi ip ip ip
ip ip ip tsha ik…”

So embrace your inner lyrical pet and dive into the Turi Ip Ip Ip phenomenon! Just be wary of the earworm getting stuck in your head all day.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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